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Rising Star II

The handy fingerprint sensor on ZenFone 3 doesn't only provide with an upgraded security but allows users to unlock phone in just 0.2 seconds to answer calls, launch the camera, or take photos in a flash. Scenarios below shows the features that fingerprint sensor provides.

Tap and hold to answer phone calls
This feature is more direct and convenient if you're used to operating your phone with one hand. To enable the feature, go to Settings > Fingerprint, then turn on Answer incoming calls.

Double tap to launch camera
If you want to capture the unexpected scene or fast-moving items such as cat’s quirky faces or the smile of a baby, just tap on fingerprint sensor twice and camera will be ready.

To enable the feature, go to Settings > Fingerprint, then turn on Launch camera.

Note: Ensure that your phone is unlocked for this feature to work. 

One tap to capture photos
Taking a selfie with one hand can be difficult because you have to use thumb to hold the phone steadily , meanwhile,you also need to tap the shutter button.Thus, the fingerprint sensor can be a shutter button so you can take selfies effortlessly with one hand.

To enable the feature, go to Settings > Fingerprint, then turn on Capture a photo.

Note 1: Ensure that your camera app is launched for this fingerprint feature to work.

Note 2: Fingerprint sensor is only available on the ZenFone 3 series.

             Location of fingerprint sensor may vary from the different models. The fingerprint sensors of ZenFone 3 and ZenFone 3 Deluxe are located on the back.  ZenFone 3 Ultra's fingerprint sensor is located on the home button.

             Some features or interfaces may vary depending on the model or Android system/firmware version. 

              All screenshots shown in this article are based on Android 7.

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