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Rising Star II
ASUS Weather app just got an upgrade!
Now, ASUS Weather gives you the hourly weather forecast information via a link to AccuWeather site. When you click the Hourly > button, ASUS Weather takes you to AccuWeather site and displays your location's weather forecast of the day in an hourly manner. 
Aside from the hourly weather forecast, you can also determine the temperature, humidity, UV levels, or the sun/wind/cloud activity of the day. Simply tap the Details > buttons to show these details in AccuWeather site.
If you're living in Taiwan or China, or have plans to visit these countries, you can also view their air quality with the integrated Pollutant Standards Index reading meter. You can even display the PSI reading meter on your Home screen. With this feature, you'll know the quality of air you're breathing and its impact to your health.
To display the PSI information, tap and hold Weather widget with 4x2 dimension then drag and drop it to your Home screen’s vacant space. Once the Weather widget is on your Home screen, it displays the 7-day forecast by default. Tap  to switch the 7-day forecast to PSI reading meter.
With the upgraded ASUS Weather app, you can fully anticipate what your day will be like. Bring an umbrella for hot or rainy days, apply sunscreen if the UV level reaches high, wear a mask if the air quality is compromising, or call your friends and loved ones to relax or chill out on the beach on a breezy, warm day.
No need for other 3rd party frills, ASUS Weather has it all. Update your ASUS Weather app now!
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