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Rising Star II

With ZenUI Dialer & Contacts, you can control your cellphone budget simply by following the easy tips below.

Set a talk time alert

If you've subscribed to a calling plan that offers free minutes, take advantage of this offer by enabling the Talk time alert feature and set up a talk time limit. For each outgoing call, you (and only you) will hear a buzz once you've reached the talk time limit. It reminds you that it's time to end the call. 

How to set your Talk time alert:

1. Tap Settings > Call settings> Tap Talk time alert settings.


2. Tick Enable talk time alert, then tap Talk time alert settings and enter the time (in minutes).


3. Tap OK. A toast notification showing that this setting will be applied in the next outgoing call.

Separate your contacts on your dual-SIM phone

To assign a SIM to a contact:

1. Launch Contacts.

2. Select a contact, tap Default SIM, then tap the SIM you want to assign for your contact.


3. Tap OK.

You can see the selected SIM on the contact's profile. This setting will be activated on your next outgoing call. When you call that contact, the system will automatically dial out from the SIM you've assigned.


Tap “More” for one-stop phone settings screen

ZenUI Dialer & Contacts has a new tab called More, where the contacts and call settings are grouped in one screen. This is to personalize dialer background and ringtone and to set up your speed dial numbers, private contacts, block list, view/play your call recordings.

Launch Contacts or Phone, then tap   to see the integrated contacts and call settings in this tab.

Note: Some features may vary from different ZenFone models or Android OS versions.

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