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Rising Star II

Please follow steps below for troubleshooting:

  1. Close all apps running in background by tapping recent apps key and Clear all. 

  2. Perform Boost:Slide down the screen from upper area to access Quick settings and then tap Boost.

  3. Reboot your tablet.

  4. Clear cache of apps:Settings > Apps > (select an app) Clear cache.

  5. Uninstall apps that are not often used:Settings > Apps > (select an app) Uninstall.

  6. Update apps to latest:Play Store > upper-left menu icon > My apps > UPDATE ALL.

  7. Update firmware to latest version:Settings > About > System update > Check Update.

  8. Re-install apps:Settings > Apps > (select an app) Uninstall and then re-install it in Play Store.

  9. It is recommended not to use your tablet while it is charging.

  10. If there is weak Internet connection on your tablet, it may cause crash of apps that need good Internet connection
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