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In a world where most of our personal information is stored either online or electronically, ensuring our privacy is a must – particularly when it comes to our ever-present smartphones. In addition to passwords, PIN codes, and patterns, your fingerprint is a truly unique form of identification. The built-in 360-degree fingerprint sensor on your ZenFone 3 gives you increased security whether you’re unlocking your phone or answering a call. Setting up your fingerprint ID is effortless. Let's get started with a few simple steps.


Setting up a fingerprint ID:

1. Go to Settings > Fingerprint > Manage Fingerprints.


2. Tap Continue to add a fingerprint then select one of the three backup screen lock methods: Fingerprint + Pattern, Fingerprint + PIN, Fingerprint + Password. The screenshot below uses Fingerprint + Pattern as an example.


  • If you haven't set a lock screen method before: After you've selected an unlock method, the next screen will ask whether you want to use the same unlock method to start your device for extra security. If so, tap Require (pattern/PIN/password) to start device. Otherwise, tap No, thanks.
  • If you've already set a lock screen method before: You must unlock your device first to proceed. Then jump directly to step 4. 

3. Enter your pattern, like in the example below showing an “L” shape pattern, then tap Continue. Re-enter your unlock code then tap Confirm. Once you’ve selected a notification preference from the options, tap Done.

4. Tap Next then place your finger on the fingerprint sensor to start scanning. Press your finger repeatedly, trying to cover different areas of your finger, until the entire fingerprint is captured.

5. After your fingerprint is successfully registered, tap Done. You can store up to 5 fingerprints and enter their names (e.g. left index finger, right middle finger) to easily manage your fingerprints. Turn on Unlock device and Incoming call lock to enable the fingerprint features. You can now unlock your device or answer incoming calls securely and conveniently using your fingerprint!


Set up your fingerprint ID on your ZenFone 3 now to take full advantage of the upgraded security measure!


  • Fingerprint identification is only available on the ZenFone 3 series.
  • The fingerprint sensor's location may vary according to the mobile phone model. The fingerprint sensors of ZenFone 3 and ZenFone 3 Deluxe are located on the back. ZenFone 3 Ultra's fingerprint sensor is located on the home button.
  • Some features or interfaces may vary depending on the Android system/firmware version. All screenshots shown in this article are based on Android 7.

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