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Rising Star II
Key Mapping is a feature of Game Genie.
1. You can swipe from right edge (in landscape mode) to bring up the navigation bar during the gameplay. Click the [Game Genie] icon
2. You will find [Key Mapping] on tool bar.
If you can’t find Game Genie during the game, check whether you have granted Game Genie permission: 
1. [Settings] > [Advanced] > [Game Genie]  
2. Toggle to turn on [Game toolbar] and then tap [Game toolbar] to enter and check if the games you play have been ticked.
1. This feature can only be used when connected with ROG Phone’s exclusive accessories, such as Mobile Desktop Dock, Professional Dock, and Gamevice controller.
2. Portrait mode currently doesn’t support Key Mapping. 
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‎04-22-2020 01:47 AM
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