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Rising Star II

Super Clean mode is a power saving function that force stops apps when you swipe them away in the Recent Apps List. This forces the apps to stop running and reduces power consumption issues created by 3rd party apps.

Super Clean mode is off by default. To turn it on:
1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access Quick Settings > tap the Settings icon > Advanced Mobile Manager > tap Memory Cleaner.


2. Once the scanning is finished, you will find Turn on Super Clean mode under Suggested optimization, and tap Set up.

3. In the Super Clean mode interface, toggle the first button to turn this function on.

After you’ve turned on Super Clean mode, Apply to “clear all” and Apply to swipe up on a single app will be turned on as well. These are the 2 features you can use to super clean apps.

Apply to “clear all” means that when you tap “clear all” in the Recent Apps List, all the apps that you are using will be cleared and forced stop.

Apply to swipe up on a single app means that when you swipe up to clear an individual app in the Recent Apps List, only that app will be cleared and forced stop.

You can acustomize Super Clean mode so that apps that you use frequently will not be super-cleaned. Tap to enter App list. All apps are checked by default so that Super Clean can apply to all of them. Scroll down the list to uncheck the apps you want, and these apps will have standard clean apply to them instead.


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