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Rising Star II
The Aura lighting effect on your phone will automatically be synchronized with the accessories (AeroActive Cooler, TwinView Dock, and Mobile Desktop Dock) as soon as they are connected.
In order to synchronize the Aura lighting with other ROG Phones, all the phones must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
1. Go to [Game Center] and toggle to turn on [Lighting synchronization] under [Aura lighting]. You will be asked if you want to [Join] or [Create] a group. 
2. Choose [Create] if your device is the host. You will then be given a QR code for other phones to scan. Or you can choose any from the list of devices under [Available devices] and send them [Invite] to join you.
3. Choose [Join] if a group has already been created. You can click on the [QR Code] icon at the top right corner and scan the QR code of the host, or choose the device you want to join under [Available devices] and click [Join]. 
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