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Community Manager
Community Manager
  • You can turn on AirTriggers from [Settings] > [Advanced] > [AirTriggers]. You can also turn on AirTriggers in [Game Centre] > [More options] at the top right corner > [AirTriggers]. 

  • From this setting path: [Settings] > [Advanced] > [AirTriggers], you can also set up [Squeeze force level] and [Button tap force level]. 


  • In addition, you can set up to use [Short squeeze] and [Long squeeze] to trigger certain features or launch specific apps when the screen is locked or after it has been unlocked. 


  • Moreover, you can also quickly turn on AirTriggers and enter its settings via [Quick Settings]. Tap [AirTriggers] in [Quick Settings] to turn it on or off. Long press [AirTriggers] to go into its advnaced settings.


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