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Rising Star II


The built-in ASUS PowerMaster app allows your ZenFone 3 Max to extend its battery life.

Double your battery lifespan

All batteries eventually reach the end of their lifespan and overcharging is a contributing factor to this issue. To increase your battery lifespan, just tap 2x Lifespan then turn on Double battery lifespan. PowerMaster automatically optimizes the charging method to keep the battery in tip-top shape so your phone can live longer.


Note: Battery lifespan data is based on lab tests, results may vary depending on the actual use.

Reverse charging: Your phone is also your portable power supply

The huge battery capacity in the ZenFone 3 Max can be used as a portable power supply to charge other digital devices via the built-in Reverse charging feature. Connect an OTG cable to your ZenFone 3 Max > Connect a USB cable to the device that needs to be charged > Plug the other end of the USB cable to the OTG cable > Select the charging option (which appears on screen)

Power-safe technology 
ASUS has developed the exclusive Power-safe technology, which provides extended protection for the device, battery, adapter, and the charging function. The safety checkpoints such as OVP/UVP, TCO, JEITA, and other safety measures protect and optimize charging activity in the battery. For example, if your phone is too hot due to overcharging, the ZenFone 3 Max automatically shuts off the power. Such features can keep the battery safe under different temperatures.

All power-related features integrated in one interface

Aside from the features mentioned above, PowerMaster also integrates other system and power-related optimization features and settings: Scan, Auto-start manager, Battery mode, Boost in one intuitive interface. You can also check the remaining battery power directly from the lock screen, along with the approximate number of days or hours so you can have current battery status.


1.PowerMaster is only available in the ZenFone 3 Max series.

2.Some features may vary from  phone models and/or Android version. Due to the different release dates of the firmware, please stay tuned for further announcements.

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