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Rising Star II

1. Shut the power of phone/tablet immediately and remove battery if it's removable, and also remove power cord if it's connected.


2. Wipe out liquid on the screen/case of phone/ tablet with clean paper towel.


3. Tilt the phone/ tablet at sink so the liquid remained in the phone / tablein is able to run out. 


4. Wipe the phone/ tablet again with a clean paper towel.


5. Leave the phone/ tablet to dry for at least 24 hours.    Note: NEVER dry the phone/ tablet  with hair dryer since the heat could possibly deform the case.


6. After the phone/ tablet has been dried properly, connect it to power source and try to turn it on again. If the phone/ tablet is still functioning, please backup all your important files/data.


7. Whether the phone/ tablet is still functioning, we strongly recommend you contact ASUS Service Center and arrange an inspection and maintenance in order to prevent any malfunction potentially caused by oxidation and corrosion.



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