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Rising Star II

Step 1: Prepare a memory card, USB drive or external hard drive (with Type-C USB OTG or use an adapter)

Please take note:
1. Local backup does not support memory cards, USB drives or external hard drives that have been partition to two or more drives.
2. The external hard drive is USB powered.
3. The OTG adapter is compatible with the external hard drive.

Step 2: Insert/connect a memory card, USB drive or external hard drive.

Check that there is a notification for the memory card or the external hard drive to make sure that the phone's sytem has successfully read the storage device. As shown below:


Step 3: To start "Loal backup", go to Settings > System > Local backup > Create backup.


Setp 4: Select where you want to save your backup to. Note that some phones don't support memory card.


Step 5: Select contents to backup.


Step 6: Tap "Get started" to start, and wait for completion notification. Please pay attention to the following 3 points before backup is complete:
1. Stay on the "Local backup" page to prevent the system from automatically turning it off.
2. Do not open and use the apps that are being backed up, as this will cause the apps not to be backed up.
3. Do not move your phone, this may cuase the USB connection to break and disrupt the backup progress.


Step 7: After the backup is complete, do not change the "Local_Backup" folder or modify the name, including the content of the folder. This is to make sure that the files can be read by "Local backup" should you want to restore these files in the future.

The steps to restore are similarly to backup. The only difference is that you will need to select which version to restore if the memory card or external storage device has multiple versions of the backup file.


Note: This knowledge is currently only applicable for ZenFone 6. Please stay tuned for further updates on our Official Website.

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