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You may buy protective cases or covers to safeguard your smartphones from dust and scratches. In fact, mobile system also needs care and maintenance in order to stay in its tip-top shape. As a ZenFone user with this powerful and reliable built-in app, ZenUI Mobile Manager ,you don’t have to search any other third-party optimization apps.

Below FAQ give you the most handy features of Mobile Manager.


Q1: Why do I need Mobile Manager?

A1: Many smartphone users may have encountered the same experience: your device slows down over time. In fact, the more apps you installed, the more memory, power, and internal storage they consumed. Mobile Manager can optimize overall system capabilities in your device.  It helps your phone release more memory, extend the battery power, block annoying notifications, safeguard data privacy and security so that it can run at its top-notch performance.

Q2: What are the key differences between Mobile Manager and other similar apps on the market?

A2: Many similar apps only provide the basic optimization functions while Mobile Manager optimizes your ZenFone deep down to its system level and provides the all-in-one solution. It's also the system booster, cleaning master, power saver, safety and security gatekeeper, and data manager for your phone.

Q3: My phone is slowing down. How do I solve this?

A3: Without any notice, some of your third party apps may keep running in the background, consuming the memory of your phone, and causing possible lags. To keep the system up and running faster, tap Boost from main screen of Mobile Manager to release the memory used by the apps running in background. You can also use the advanced option called Super Boost, which stops the unused apps from running in the background and prevents them from repeat launch,and thus releasing more memory for a better and faster user experience. 

Note:  Super Boost stops all of your “unprotected” apps from running in the background. Once you’ve enabled Super Boost, you won’t be able to receive the notifications from these apps. If you want to keep on using certain apps and receiving notifications , ensure to check them in Super Boost’s Protected app list.

Q4: How do I extend battery life of Zenfone if I don’t have charger with me?

A4: Tap Power saver and select the different power saving modes according to your needs. For instance, use Super saving mode to disable the internet connection and it only keeps the phone calls, SMS, and clock alarm functions. You can also easily turn on/off or adjust the power saving settings from features such as Wi-Fi, data network, GPS, and more.

Q5: I have a monthly data plan of 5 GB. How do I keep track of the amount of data I have used?

A5: To configure your data usage, tap Data usage > Set a Mobile Data Limit, then turn on Set data plan. Fill in your data limit and warning limit percentage. When the traffic reaches the warning limit percentage, you'll receive a notification from the system. When the data usage exceeds, the system will automatically close the mobile network to avoid any further data consumption.

In addition, you can even customize the type of connection (cellular or Wi-Fi) for each app to further control your data usage. Tap Control app data usage and uncheck the cellular boxes for those apps which consume huge amount of data.

Note: Since mobile service providers may have different mobile data tariffs and calculations, the numbers from Mobile Manager are for reference only.

Q6: I don't want to keep on receiving app notifications from certain apps. How do I turn them off easily?

A6: Mobile Manager makes this process easier by showing you at one glance the number of push notifications from each app, and allows you to turn those off as you wish. Go to Notifications, select the app and move the slider to the left.


Q7: When it comes to virus scanning, what are the advantages in using Mobile Manager?

A7: You don't need to download any third-party antivirus app. Mobile Manager has provided an immediate and reliable protection for your phone. When you tap Privacy & Security, Mobile Manager automatically scans the device and provides prompt solutions and suggestions to deal with these privacy and security threats. In addition, Mobile Manager has integrated the world-renowned Avast Antivirus software, which helps you check for potentially malicious apps before you install them, and protects you from phishing sites that intentionally leak your private data/profile or damage your data.

Update your Mobile Manager now, optimize  overall system of your ZenFone to keep it at its best performance.

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