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[Microsoft AI Feature] Recall (This feature is delayed) - Introduction

※ Microsoft AI function - Recall, currently only supported for Windows Insider Program (WIP) members, for details, please refer to: Update on the Recall preview feature for Copilot+ PCs | Windows Experience Blog


Recall: Screen shots will be taken in real time (approximately every 5 seconds) and stored, and then these images will be analyzed. Recall will use the NPU to extract the text in the screenshot and save it. When a user wants to search, for example, the user can enter the file name used in Recall or has browsed a webpage with products you like, and Recall will help the user search for the desired content through fuzzy search.

Recall is a Microsoft App. For details, please refer to: Retrace your steps with Recall - Microsoft Support

ASUS Model supported

※ Recall support S5507Q Series. For more supported models please visit ASUS official website.


Operating System Requirement
Please update your Windows OS to Windows 11 24H2 or later version. 


How to use Recall?
To open Recall, use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + J.


The above information comes from Microsoft's official website. If you have any questions, please contact Microsoft for further information.

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