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Rising Star II

Sometimes you’re so in love with your home country that you just want to show the whole world what makes it so special. For me, these are the top 3 reasons why #ILoveMyCountry:

Top 3 reasons why #ILoveMyCountry
#3 - The food is incredible and made with love.

#2 - The landscape is awe-inspiring, #nofilter needed.

#1 - The people are awesome and welcoming.

Can’t guess what country I’m from?

That’s because the pictures above are actually from last year’s #ILoveMyCountry photo contest on ZenCircle and come from different corners of the Earth.* You see, every country is amazing in its own way!

So, what are the top reasons why you love YOUR country?
Is it all the great food? Incredible landscapes? Friendly people? Show us what is it that you love about your country – and stand a chance to win an incredible ZenFone 3!

How to participate

  • From March 1st to April 9th, post as many pictures (taken with a ZenFone) of your country as you can.
  • Name the location of the photos on the Story title field.
  • Add the hashtags #ILoveMyCountry and #CountryName (for example: #Taiwan, #India, #Brazil, etc.) on the Story tag field.
  • Feel free to invite others to join and work collectively to ensure yours will be the winning country.

The winning country will be selected based on all qualifying photos published on ZenCircle throughout the campaign period (Mar/01/2017 - Apr/09/2017). Each of the top 3 photos of the winning country will be given a brand new ZenFone 3!

Terms and conditions do apply, so make sure you check them out before you post, OK?

We really can’t wait for you to show us why you love your country. Join ZenCircle now and get started!


* Photo credits: ac711, Imam Primahardy, and maitamaitz on ZenCircle.


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