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Rising Star II

ZenUI Safeguard allows you to instantly share urgent messages and quickly call for help and support in an emergency. The steps below show you how to enter ZenUI Safeguard.

Enter SettingsZenUI Safeguard > You will see two features :SOS and Report Location.




Slide the SOS button to the right to activate SOS feature. Quickly press the Power button 3 times to make an SOS call to  1) an emergency number or to  2) your emergency contacts. An SMS message with your location information will also be sent.



As shown below, you can set your Emergency contacts to receive a SOS call and set your Message group to receive preset messages. You can also edit the content for your Preset message as well.

SOS call

Message group

You can add your contacts to the Message group to receive your SOS message by clicking "+".

Preset message

You can edit and revise the message content.

Report Location

Slide right to turn on the feature of Report Location. You can share the link of position from the Quick Setting menu. (Note: GPS/Wi-Fi should be turned ON to get your position)



When using the SOS function, you can add your contacts to Message group by clicking "+", which is set to receive your SOS message. You can also edit the Preset message below.


To report your location : Click Report Location > Send the message to the group you set. (Note: GPS/Wi-Fi should be turned ON to get your position)

 After receving the message, click the weblink to get the location where the message is reported.


From the drop-down Quick setting menu, notification of Tracking your location would pop up after the message is sent out.

Suggested POST INFO

SOS Call will immediately dial the phone number you set.

Alarm: Warning alarm will sound loudly. Choose Mute to turn it off. 


Note: This FAQ may not apply to all types/series of product. Part of options or operation steps in screenshot would vary from different versions of firmware.

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