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Rising Star II

1. Tap the SoloTV icon to launch SoloTV.

2. Tap  , then tap " Scan Channel ".

3. Select the [ region ] and [ broadcasting ] of your TV signal, then tap " Scan " to search for available TV channels in your area.

4. Assign the name of search result .The assigned name will appear on scan result page.

5. Tap a channel on the right panel to enter playback screen. You may also tap " Scan " to search again for available channels.

6. Tap  to display all search results.
    Tap  to rename.
    Tap  to delete scan result.

7. Onscreen operating instructions appear the first time when you enter playback screen.  Tap anywhere to close instruction windows.

8. Tap  on left side to display the EPG (Electronic Program guide) list, which shows the currently-playing channels and programs. The blue bar indicates the progress of the program. Tap the arrow button beside the program to show the detailed channel EPG information. 

9. In the detailed EPG list, tap  . An alarm  will set off on your ASUS phone five minutes before the program. Tap  to show the reminder list.

10. Tap  to record a TV program, tap  to stop recording.


11.Tap   on the left side to display the record list , tap a recorded file to play it.  Tap and hold to view the setting of the record file. 

12. During playback recording file, tap  to return to the live TV program.

13. Tap  to add the current channel to your favorite list .You can add up to four channels to list .To remove favorite channel , open a favorite channel and tap  again.

NOTE:The recording files will be stored in " Internal storage "-->" SoloTV folder "--->" record " folder.

16. Tap  then tap [Tuner Info] . The tuner info pops up ,which displays the signal parameters and playback condition . Tap anywhere out of window to close it. 

17. Tap   then tap " setting " . The " setting " window pops up, which allows you to select audio track and aspect ratio. Tap anywhere out side window to close it. 



Q1: Do I need to use antenna cable to watch on Zenfone Go TV?  

Ans: Yes, You must connect the antenna cable to use SoloTV

If you want to use headphone when connecting antenna cable, please ensure that you have inserted your 3.5mm headphone jack completely into antenna cable.

Q2: Can I watch SoloTV without using SIM card or netowrk?  

Ans: The soloTV is digital TV without using SIM card or network.  

Q3: Which digital TV format does SoloTV support?


Q4: Which models support SoLoTV?

Ans: So far, only Zenfone Go TV(ZB551KL) supports SoLoTV function.

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