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Rising Star II

The rear camera of your mobile phone allows you to capture selfies with a high-resolution output. The camera also features face-detection that detects up to four faces then instantly captures your selfie or groufie without the hassle of pressing the shutter button. 

To capture photos or videos using Selfie mode, tap  from the Camera app, then tap Selfie.

With Selfie mode, the rear camera detects the number of faces that automatically captures the selfie or groufie. 

To capture a selfie or groufie:
  1. Tap  from the Camera screen.
  2. On the Find faces screen, tap the number of faces you want for your camera to detect, then tap anywhere on the screen.
  3. Use the rear camera to detect faces and wait for your phone to start beeping, counting down until it captures the selfie.
  4. Use the round scroll to select the best photo, then tap Done.

TIP:  You can also enhance your selfies via Beautification mode. To enhance your selfie, tap  to switch the screen to Beautification mode. After you’ve made the enhancements, tap Done.
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