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Rising Star II

Depth of Field mode allows you to capture photos of a close-up subject with a soft background for a dramatic effect. 

To capture photos using Depth of Field mode:
  1. Tap  from the Camera app, then tap Depth of Field.

  2. Tap  to take a photo. When  is pressed, the camera adjusts itself to focus on the subject and captures the subject with a default blur effect on its foreground and background. 
  3. Adjust the blur effect of the photo by moving the blur slider to or, then tap.

  • Post your depth of field photo directly to your social media account, or share it via some supported sharing apps. Simply tap , then tap to select from the list of apps.
  • You can also set your depth of field photo as a contact photo, home and lock screen, or wallpaper. To do this, tap .
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