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Rising Star II

Bluelight Filter

Bluelight Filter provides a milder display that reduces eye pressure for a comfortable reading experience on your ASUS Phone.

• How to enable Bluelight Filter:

 Method 1:From the [Quick settings] panel, tap the "Bluelight Filter" icon.


Method 2-1: Enable [ Bluelight Filter ] from "Settings" >"Display" or  from "Apps">"Splendid"

2-2:Tap "Screen color mode". Bluelight Filter is turned on when the icon shows in orange.  You can also adjust the filter level by dragging the slider.

•When you activate Bluelight filter, the upper left corner of the screen will show the icon of an eye.



Note: This article may not be applied to all products of the same type / series, and some screen selections or steps may differ depending on the software version.


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