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Rising Star II

For Power Saver versions 1.2 or below. 
Use Ultra-saving mode when you want to minimize power consumption. If you turn on Ultra-saving mode, the foreground apps (apps that are currently active) run normally. However, background apps are disabled and will not be processed. These background apps will not refresh unless they are launched, and their notifications are not displayed unless you bring these apps to the foreground.
If you want specific apps to continue to run in the background, such as Clock, tap  then switch the toggle from OFF to ON. This action bypasses the default Ultra-saving mode setting. When it is switched on, it means that it will process in the background and when it is switched off, it will not. However, when the screen is off, network connection is disconnected, so apps that require a network connection will not receive updates.

Note: You do not receive instant messages from providers such as Facebook, Line, etc., e-mails, location, or other notifications unless the app is specifically launched. Vibrate alerts, transition animations, and GPS are disabled and the network connection (internet, data) is also disconnected when the screen is off.

Note: Ultra-saving mode will change the color of the notification bar to orange. To change it back, go to the Power Saver page (From Home, go to Settings, tap Power management, then Power Saver), then tap the menu button and uncheck Hint of Ultra-saving mode.
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