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Rising Star II

ZenMotion offers Touch Gesture, a feature that allows you to conveniently wake up your device, put it to sleep or launch apps even though your screen is off by using specific gestures. This feature is specially designed for people who are always on the go for an easy, fast, and convenient use of their device.

Note:Functionality of this feature depends on hardware limitation of your device.

To wake up your device from sleep or turn the screen off, you need to enable its function as following steps:

  1. Launch Settings > ZenMotion > Touch Gesture.
  2. On the Touch Gesture screen, slide the Touch Gesture to right to activate the function.

  3. Enable the Screen off and Screen on by sliding to the right.

When you are using this gesture, you can simply double-tap the screen to wake up your device when it’s in sleep mode or turn the screen off to put it to sleep. 

Note: On the Home screen, you can put your device to sleep by double tapping the empty space or status bar on top of screen. To put it to sleep from All apps screen or on a running app, just double tap the status bar on top of the screen.

You can use the feature :Touch Gesture  to launch assigned apps even though your screen is off. By using this feature, you don’t need to press the power button and tap an app to launch. All you have to do is to swipe the screen with an assigned alphabet character and the app will appear on your screen.





You also have the option to change the app for these character gestures. If you want to change the app assignments, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Launch Settings > ZenMotion > Touch Gesture.
  2. Under Suspend mode option, tap a gesture then tap to select from the list of apps.

Note: Ensure that you turned on the Touch Gesture function to launch apps using character gestures.





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