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Rising Star II

ZenMotion introduces the Shake Shake for Do It Later. This gesture is useful when you’re busy with handy stuff and you can just shake device twice to capture the screenshot and the task will be added to your Do It Later app.

With this feature, you can easily save To-Do-task in time and remind yourself. Clicking the screenshot twice then you can activate the application to work on those tasks.

Note: The function of ZenMotion varies from hardware limitation of your device.

Before you can use this feature, you need to enable it via Settings. To activate the Shake Shake feature as below procedures:

  1. Launch Settings > ZenMotion > Motion Gesture.
  2. On the Motion Gesture screen, move the Motion Gesture slider to the right to activate.

  3. Move the Shake Shake slider to the right to enable it.

After you’ve activated the Shake Shake feature, you can now use it to save a task to your Do It Later. You can only use the Shake Shake feature to an app running in the foreground.

This feature will not work in lock screen mode or in Launcher mode.

How to use the Shake Shake feature:

  1. Launch the app that you want to use.

     Note: We used Browser app as an example for the Shake Shake feature.
  2. Shake your device twice. Ensure that you hold it firmly in portrait mode then shake twice horizontally or vertically in a length of 20 cm or more.

    Note: The system captures the screenshot and a toast Added to Do It Later app as a task appears on the screen.
  3. To view the tasks assigned by the Shake Shake feature, launch Do It Later app and then tap App-related tab.

    From this screen, you can later tap the task that you want to launch.


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