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Rising Star II

Display the PSI information on your Home screen to know the quality of the air along with the date, time, and weather information .

Note: If you have the 4 x 1 Weather widget currently displayed, you need to remove it from your Home screen. To remove the 4 x 1 Weather widget, tap and hold it then drag to the widget to Remove on the upper left side of the screen.
Follow below steps to display the PSI:
  1. From the All Apps screen, tap WIDGETS.

  2. Tap and hold Weather 4x2 then drag it to the vacant space on your Home screen.  
  3. Select the city(City in Taiwan or China) then tap Done.
  4. By default, the Weather Widget app displays the 7-day forecast. Tap  to switch the 7-day forecast to PSI reading meter.

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‎03-29-2019 05:53 AM
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