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Rising Star II

Imagination is humanity’s most powerful tool: anyone can create fantastic new worlds where nothing is impossible and where there are no limits to your own story. The new Anime, Comic and Games (ACG) series on ZenUI Themes is just chock-full of exciting themes like the Angel of Death, dragons, warriors and creatures of another dimension! Paired with the high-resolution screen on your ZenFone, these super realistic themes will transport you to a world of wonders!


Angel of Death
Burning in the night with his wicked scythe, Death silently approaches. The world's most terrible killer is a fearless and faceless entity bringing despair and taking away our mortal souls.


Dragon Slayer - Inferno
In a distant world ruled by chaos, the dragon’s flames scorch the earth and cut through the sky. The brave dragon slayer might be our village’s only hope.


Fight for Freedom
Evil scientists have transformed the human body into a ruthless killing machine. But in the depths of the cyborg’s conscience lies the desire for freedom and peace.


Resulting from a series of experiments on genetics and mechanics, the strong and perseverant cyborg has vowed to defend our world from the dangers of biological weapons.


Fiery Samurai
Reborn from the ashes, the legendary samurai rises with glory and skilfully wields his sword. His spirit is bursting into flames as his opponents fall to the ground, wavering between fear and respect.


The waters of wisdom flow from the Water Bearer’s vase into the ocean of life. Can you feel the power of the elemental forces all around you?


Curious to see more of this fantastic ACG universe? Update ZenUI Themes now, so you can open the doors of imagination and embark on a voyage to fantastic new worlds!

Want to design your own ACG themes? Then join the ZenUI Designer Community and enter the ACG Theme Design Contest to stand a chance of winning a ZenFone 3 Deluxe and having your creation featured on the ZenUI Theme Store.



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