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Rising Star II





Christmas is just around the corner! Christmas markets and street fairs, delicious Christmas meals, colorful Christmas decorations in shops and restaurants…How about making these wonderful moments a lasting impression? Share your holiday photos and see how others celebrate the season with ZenCircle’s Christmas around the world! You will also have a chance to win special prizes!








Get the best Christmas photos with quick tips and tricks in Dr. ZenUI Tutorials. Find all the helpful tutorials such as shooting panoramic Christmas lights, an art installation under a low light environment, or close up of your Christmas accent at home with a depth of field. Taking impressive photos can never be easier!















The surprise never ends with our Christmas ZenCircle extravaganza! Post your Christmas photos on Christmas around the world for a chance to win Christmas surprise gift! We’ll select the best Christmas photo every week.








Merry Christmas, ZenCirclers! Update ZenCircle now, share your photos and see how other people are celebrating this wonderful season around the world!





Learn more about our complete offering in the ZenUI Apps festive bundle.



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