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Rising Star II
ZenCircle is happy to announce the official release of its full version! Packed with new features and enhanced user experience, sharing and interacting with your fellow ZenCirclers are now made more fun and enjoyable.

The latest ZenCircle introduces a new accent color on the interface – red – a color of joy and passion. Browsing and sharing are also made easier with its redesigned, more intuitive user experience. Simply swipe left and right to access ZenCircle’s main features.

Capture moments from an entirely different perspective with the Reverse video feature! Unleash your creativity and create 15-second magical videos in reverse format that will surely delight everyone. 

One of those days all you want may just be a hug or a pat on your shoulder. The Customized emotion feature—a first on social media—lets others react to your post with their most authentic emotions. Tap the Like icon before posting to see all available feedback options, and select the expression you desire to receive.

You can also sort your feeds just the way you want to, based on what’s most recent or most popular/trending. Simply tap the clock icon on the upper right corner of your screen and select your favorite display sorting order.

Ready to try all these cool features? Can’t wait to check out the creative profiles from fellow ZenCirclers around the world? Now is the time for you to update to the official version of ZenCircle! 

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‎03-29-2019 05:07 AM
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