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Rising Star II

Everyone is sharing live moments in social media, be it celebrities or social media regulars. Do you want to join the live streaming craze but worry that you won’t look your best on camera because of dull complexion or blemishes? Don’t fret. With ZenFone Live’s built-in ASUS BeautyLive app, the world’s first live streaming beautification technology, you can instantly have brighter, smoother skin during a live stream with a single swipe!

Look glamorous in your live broadcasts with these three simple tips:

1. Setting a glowing skin tone
Swipe on the BeautyLive slider to smooth wrinkles and blemishes, and adjust skin tone in real time!

Set your screen to vertical or horizontal and adjust your best live streaming angle. Tap BeautyLive on the Home screen and swipe the number on the BeautyLive slider to adjust the beautification level. The skin filter setting ranges from 0 to 10, with 0 meaning no effect and 10 the maximum beautification effect. You can preview the effect instantly to choose your desired result. 


2. One tap to connect to popular social platforms
BeautyLive supports major social and live streaming platforms. You can select your favorite platform to engage with your friends and followers.

Tap  on the upper right of the screen, then select from one of these apps: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.


3. Beautify on the fly!
Even when in a live broadcast, you can still apply the beautification effects that you desire. No pause, no interruption. 

Just tap the floating button  to open the BeautyLive slider. 

Experience the most beautiful broadcasts with ZenFone Live's BeautyLive and be at your most glamorous self, off and on cam!

Note: BeautyLive is currently available on Zenfone Live.


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