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Rising Star II

The best time of the year to check out the hot beaches, enjoy a lazy afternoon by the pool and show your holidays on social media. Not too confident about your photography skills under the harsh sunlight?  Check out below simple tips for stunning photos with ASUS PixelMaster Camera on ZenFone.

Tip #1 – Capture more details in a strongly backlit scene with HDR Pro

Imagine you are outside under a bright summer day. The vibrant blue sky and the colorful landscape create the perfect photo op so you take a few pictures.  However, you notice the pictures taaken look a bit off: either the blue sky turns to a bit grey or the landscape and people look too dark.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is commonly for such problem by merging multiple photos taken at different exposures in a quick succession. Then combining them into one single image. The photo that looks much more  with the right amount of brightness on the darkest and lightest spots. 

Photo captured using HDR Pro mode

HDR Pro mode of PixelMaster does the whole process automatically. All you have to do is hold your phone steadily and maintain the frame to avoid the blurry. From your camera screen, tap  > HDR Pro, then shoot.

Note: This feature works the best when shooting landscapes and other still subjects. Avoid moving subjects and make sure you hold the phone firmly when taking pictures.

Tip #2 – Create a dark silhouette effect

You have lots of opportunities to take the most amazing sunset shots, whether you are by the pool, on the shore or up in the mountains.

To get that effect, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure the subject of the picture is placed between the source of light and the camera.
  2. On the camera screen, tap the HDR icon on the top left until you find the off icon, or .
  3. Disable the flash by tapping the icon on the top right until you find the off icon, or .
  4. Tap your screen to focus. Make sure you focus on the background light.

A perfect example of a silhouette effect

Tip #3 – Use the flash for portraits in a bright sunny day

Using your flash when you take photo at super bright occasion may be counterintuitive but sometimes the harsh sunlight can create a lot of shadows on the most undesired spots, such as the places uder the eyes, the nose and the mouth. If you're shooting a portrait outdoors and the sun causes you trouble, try turning on the flash to light up the darker spots.  Keep in mind that the flash has a limited reach so this would work best on portraits or short distances.

From the camera screen, just tap the flash icon on the top right until you find the always-on icon, or .

Tip #4 – Bring your little companion in your bag

Well, here's a way to divert the attention from the background and into the foreground: It's cool to look through your pictures and find your favorite little action figure or plush toy in a famous sightseeing spot – as if your little companion had embarked on his own adventure. However, this tip may not be accepted by everyone, some users with interests can give it a try.


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