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Rising Star II

Below we provide you 3 simple troubleshooting to check before you send your phone device for repair.

1. Charge your device

Use the original ASUS AC power adapter and USB cable to charge your device for 15 minutes.

Note: We suggest you directly charge your device with  AC  adapter , which would be faster than charging by the USB port of a PC.

2. Update the firmware  

Update the firmware to the latest version.

Notes:Do not run the firmware update when the battery power is less than 15%. Please plug-in the AC power adapter to charge the device before updating the firmware.

3. Do the factory reset

Reset your device to the factory settings

1. Doing a factory reset will remove/delete all the data stored in your ZenFone.
2. Please plug-in the device with AC adapter or make sure the battery power is more than 15% when doing a factory reset.


※ If 3 steps above could not solve the problems, please contact  ASUS Official Support for information.





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