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Zenpad 8 crash on boot after factory reset

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My ZenPad 8 can't boot into homescreen anymore after a factory reset.
Is it rooted? - No
Things I've tried:
Entering recovery mode to clear app cache pressing power button + volume up, the result is another kind of menu that doesnt allow me to clear the cache
Doing factory reset once again from the menu I opened with the shortcut mentioned above ^
Connecting the tablet to a PC that has the android sdk setup on it, and flashing the recovery menu from command line using "adb restart recovery" but that obviously doesn't work cause debug privileges are not enabled by default on a new device
With the device turned on what I see is just the main menu background that flashes like it's trying to restart the service every time it crashes, I'm not able to do anything other than turning off the device

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The questioni would be implicit but I'm going to explicit for clarity sake anyways
is there a fix? did anyone experience the same issue? and how did you fix it?
This is the menu I was talking about in the post ^^^

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The tablet model is Zenpad 8 P024 (Z380KL)