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Zenfone Max Pro M1 Doesn't get update since 2 month ago

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Everyone is mad about this...
When the Update for Zenfone Max Pro M1
Since it has a lot of bug, why it doesn't has any update anymore...
And Asus Promise too give Android Q to zenfone Max Pro M1...
But I'm not sure we Will get it because until now we don't get any firmware update...
Monthly Update? No...
Asus give update once every 2 months
And the update bring new bug and improvement...

So  we need confirmation about when we get firmware update...
And no one moderator bring information at Old Zentalk.
I'm mad because at Old Zentalk there is lot of people sharing information based on their Phone series

At new Zentalk?
All moderator going to this but this forum is just focus at Brand New Zenfone 6...
Please moderator too check at Discussion Forum at Old Zentalk...
They need information...


When the update is coming

Star I
No update for asus Zenfone Max pro m1 
No new features 
There is no Digital  being
What the hell is this ? two months you are not providing an software update last update also full of bugs waste of my money 
Am gonna report and suggest evey review for asus  Max pro 
You're just Making promise for fooling people
Waste team
 redmi always better then your fake promise

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Why the hell i brought this Asus Zenfone M*** mobile fully shit

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not ato apdate android zenfone max pro m1 for iranian users