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【ZenFone 5Z BETA Tester】Join to experience Android Q!

Community Manager
Community Manager
[Recruitment Period]
August 22, 2019 - till the application form is closed

[Beta Testing Period]
Will notify by email

[Which model are we looking for ?]
ASUS ZenFone 5Z (ZS620KL)

[What are required to be a Beta Tester?]  
Own a ZenFone 5Z (ZS620KL)
Be a member of ZenTalk and actively participate in the discussion of ZenFone on ZenTalk.
Be willing to provide detailed information including IMEI, Serial Number(SN), Current Firmware for the beta test setting 
Be able to read and provide feedback in English
Be familiar with Android operating system

[What will Beta Testers have?]
Get the latest firmware (Beta Version) by FOTA and experience the latest Zen UI features
Authorized to access the restricted board [Beta Testing]

[What are the responsibilities of a Beta Tester?]
Participate in every Beta version release and test on a daily basis
Report valid bugs with the correct format
Maintain confidentiality of the Beta Testing program
Be sure to post all beta-testing related issues in beta restricted board 

[How to Sign-up?]
Click the URL below and fill out the sign-up form. (If you are using a mobile device, please paste the URL to your browser to open the form)
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Star III
Can someone let me know if we can now be able to adjust the depth of field after the photo was taken (with depth effect) in the gallery app after the beta update? And thanks a lot for the feedbacks.

Star I
Hi. I want to get FOTA to beta. What to do? I installed the last beta. Thank you.

Star II
So are you have Q beta already by fota? Why the form is still open? I completed the form last week but no information about beta Q on mail. I today got only latest security update. If all beta testers has been picked why asus is still collecting sensetive phone information from people and has no tention go give any more betas? I didnt do the form just give them information and receive nothing..they should have closed the form when they had already enough beta testers.. Don't you have obligation not to talk all about the beta here and show pictures?? Still many discusss it here..there is right place for that like the form said..well not my problem..i would have not done that..?

Rising Star I


This can be a chance for those who are not opted for beta test.

I didn't test it. I just found it online.

I'm not responsible for any kind of hamper.

So try it at your own risk.

Don't point your finger at me for any kind of damage to your device.

Link given below. Visit, scroll down then find as the ss and see if luck favour to you. (Copy and go)


Best of luck.

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Is there anybody who tried this method?
Although I'm already a beta user but I want to know it's really working or not.
Please let me know your opinion. (If any)

Rising Star I


Is there anybody who tried this method?

Although I'm already a beta user but I want to know it's really working or not.

Please let me know your opinion. (If any)


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I tried this method and worked fine!
However, I am not sure if I am going to receive an updated beta version via OTA now if a new version is released.
For now, I just noticed that there is no battery percentage and there is a bug in animation when unlocking the phone with the screen off (the wallpaper turns black and then shows up after an animation). Is this also happening to you guys?