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Zenfone 5 ZE620kl audiowizard not working on some games and apps

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When I play Mobile Legends, ROS, PUBG, PPSSPP Games, DraStic, and etc
I cannot hear any changes when changing audiowozard settings and equalizer sliders.

I want to reduce the bass of the speaker of the phone itself when playing some games but changing the equalizer sliders won't give any changes to the audio of those games but in other games like Mekorama, Zenny wolrds, ePSXe games, Sand Balls, Stick man party, etc it works fine.

Note: All of those apps/games arw running at their latest version as of now.
The test was made easier by switching to outdoor mode on and off in volume panel. Try it and you can hear that even outdoor mode is not working on the first set of games and apps.

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