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Which are the bugs present in ASUS ZMPM1

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playstore downloading
pubg layout saving bug
Sound is smaller
Secondary mic test fail ... no sound recorded
brightness limit is not well managed


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This device name is Asus Bugfone Max pro M1: I've listed some, we can get more which I haven't mentioned below.
1) On lock screen, SIM 1 will show empty network(Need to restart each time it show like that but network will be in connected).
2) Low sound quality.
3) Adaptive battery of Android Pie feature missing.
4) Still dark theme is not functioning as it should be.
5) Always-on-Display of Android Pie feature missing.
6) Screen Rotation  -- Not working when accessibility menu activated.
7) Stock Camera app is very disgusting(Need a lot improvement).
😎 Wi-Fi connectivity is too slow or disconnect in between.
9) If we choose Ringtone or Alarm tone or notification file available in SD card, if device restarted. Tones will move to default. Again we need to choose.
10) If we move any file which is more than 900 MB, it will go upto 100% and get stuck(Some files will get corrupted because of this issue) Default files app is not supportive for transferring files.
11) Battery charge time got increased in Pie update(Taking more than 3 hrs 15 mins in Pie, In Oreo it used to be between 2 and half hour to 3 hours).
12)Battery draining is ok as of not but can be improved like in .340 Oreo last build released.
13) Still double tap and swipe up to wake gestures aren't working properly(Out of 10 times , 1 or 2 times will not work)
14) Still response of fingerprint scanner is to be improved in time to unlock.
15) Notification status bar space is still incomplete(On lock screen it is fine). It will show (dot), Max pro M1 doesn't have Notch then why Asus left space and shows (dot) instead of activated features or notifications(May be Asus thought it is Max Pro M2 device).
16) In Dark mode activated the "Power Off" symbol is in Black(Can change to some other colour or into white).
17)It's Asus device but still Asus apps available in Playstore doesn't support(It is same for other Zenfone devices also). Asus should make availability of those apps to use in their devices.
18) Blank screen on lock screen while using pattern unlock.

Star I
Yeah I agree both of your complaining too because I'm facing it as well that I'm using Asus zenfone max pro m1