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What would you like to see in a Zenfone 8?

Star II
Here's the number one thing I would love to see: IT AVAILABLE IN MORE TERRITORIES!!
I simply cannot understand ASUS' reluctance to be more global with their phones. One comment I saw was as accurate as it was sad : "they treat their phones like toys, only making them available to a few countries".
ASUS have hardcore and very loyal fans, I think (I'm one of them for years). I have SEEN here in the UK carriers offer their phones, from the very first Zenfone 5, up to I believe the Zenfone 4. Carriers ARE willing to stock them, but ASUS just don't seem to be very interested in developing and maintaining relationships with them. If they did, I believe they would have more market share and perhaps more vitally, more *mind*share.
Most "independent" Android sites are biased towards Samsung - because they're probably on the Samsung payroll. This is obvious, from the way they write their reviews. If it's an ASUS phone they will say something like "it does have a flagship CPU but the screen isn't as good as a Samsung", but when it's a Samsung phone they will say stuff like "it doesn't have a battery as big as the Zenfone but it does have this better feature". The last time I pointed this out on my comment was removed - which tells you everything you need to know.
People who know a bit more than "ooh should I get an Apple or a Samsung??" aren't interested in all of that crap, they know what they want. But it's been a struggle in the UK to get what plenty of us want - a UK Zenfone - and with all band support (the last Zenfone that supported the o2 network was the first Zenfone 5 I believe). Of course this isn't just about the UK it's about many more countries who would clearly (from my research all over forums etc) love to get hold of a Zenfone but struggle.
ASUS we know you're competent, we know you're leagues ahead of Chinese phones in build quality, photo processing and reliability, so please, please, advertise more, and release to more countries! 😣

Star III
A better sound quality and a real stereo speakers would be great.

Star II
True. The sound has bothered me less than I thought it was going to. Of course you can't top dual front facing speakers but then all 'independent' Android sites would be whining about bezels again, as they don't understand why they need to be there or how stuff works.
But to even get any of that you need to be able to get hold of a Zenfone in the first place! Got my Zenfone 7 Pro that I'm typing this on from Alza to the UK. Amazing phone even if it takes a little while to get used to typing on over the Zenfone 6.