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Very bad loud speaker sound quality after update

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Hello guys after updating to pie my Asus Zenfone max pro m1 the sound quality through loud speaker has been decreased how to fix this? Any suggestions pls guys.

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You can try one of the following methods.
Clean Cache that Is Not Important on a Smartphone
 For users who use an Android smartphone, they can try the cleaning application, such as Clean Master to clear the cache contained in the Android operating system in full.  This has the purpose that the cache file is erased and clean so it does not hinder the running application.

 Unroot smartphones that have been rooted before

 Root is one of the processes usually carried out by Android users so that they can get full access to the hardware system of a smartphone.  Although it has advantages, the disadvantages are in some features that sometimes error or do not work.  For this reason, users can unroot the smartphone.

 Clean dirty speakers

 If we use too often a smartphone will certainly cause the speaker to be dirty.  For this reason, we can clean the smartphone regularly to be clean and can produce sound well.

 Restart the smartphone

 Usually the speaker makes a small noise because of damage or errors in the operating system or application.  To make the smartphone system fresh again, users can restart the smartphone.

 Improve sound quality with the application

 For users who do not want to disassemble the smartphone just to clean the speakers, it might be worth using a special application to heal the sound of smartphones, such as Ultimate Volume Booster which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

 Factory reset

 Usually when the smartphone operating system becomes an error or damage it will impact on other components, including the sound of the speaker to be small.  For that, users can try to do a Factory Reset.  But don't forget to backup the data first.

 Go to the service center

 Usually if the steps above are not successful, then most likely the speaker is experiencing damage.  For this reason, users can wisely bring it to an official service center to repair experienced technicians.