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RX vs. UX

Star I
I want to learn how is the coding work for zenbook laptops.
What is the difference between
ux431fn vs. ux433fn vs. ux434fl
ux333fn vs rx333fn

so what is the difference between
r and u
the second and third digit of the number
literally all of the digits
moreover if you can inform me about which mx150 and mx250 (10 watt vs 25 watt) used for the models i would be glad

Star I
Hi Alterna,
I'm not entirely sure since coudn't find anything about this difference online. But having just bought a RX533 I noticed the chassis is made completely from plasic. This is different than the aluminum of which the zenbook has been appraised for, so I think only the UX model comes in aluminum. Also i noticed that the screen slightly moves when I type, not to disturbing but might be better for the full aluminium one.