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Problem in connecting external HDD along with external power Max Pro M1 3GB

Actually smartphone supports direct connection to an external HDD and I can read/write files too. But HDD is drawing too much power/ battery drops faster. Hence I want to use Powerbank or charger as external power source for HDD.
So I bought OTG Y cable. When I connect power (I tried both Powerbank and Asus charger with 2A output) to HDD, it turns on i.e. it's LED lights up but when I connect this assembly to smartphone, HDD LED turns off and power is supplied to smartphone instead. I have efillooc OTG Y cable as shown in image.
Anyone has such working assembly or can solve my problem ?
Or is there such a thing as external power supply won't power up HDD if smartphone is capable of doing it by itself ?
First post on this forum!
Help is appreciated.