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Need New features in asus 5Z ?

Star II
Not Happy with asus software development for asus 5z,there only focusing asus 6z not worries about 5z there are not providing now features on asus 5z. They don't improving camera department ,not fixing Zenui problem , not fixing battery draining issue, i think this is a my last asus phone not more 


Rising Star II
Yes bro I totally agree with u .asus is just ignoring the Zenfone 5z we also need features guys .now I think the phone was not worth 30 k.

Rising Star II
Pls give a proper reply moderators .don't say that the features would be coming with Android Q because I know that will come in 2050

Star III
I am also agree with you getting bored with my Asus zenfone 5z , poco f1 is better than Asus zenfone 5z  this is my last Asus phone

Star III
My first and last phone . My previous phone oneplus 5t still gets update and features more than this previous year flagship zenfone 5z.. fuck asus