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[Mod: BT manual fix inside] One critical bug after Zenfone 5z .36 update (January patch)

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Got .36 update with January patch today
Let's hope it has good battery optimisation (I'd atleast need a day to comment on this builds battery life)
System stability and the gestures feel much smoother now
There's one critical bug tho:
There's no audio through Bluetooth devices (through any multimedia app it's not limited to a particular app or headphone model)
So far i can confirm 4-5 people are suffering from this issue (including myself)on the telegram hub for Zenfone 5z users (as far as I know the audio only seems to work during calls) this is with Bluetooth only
I personally use my wired headphone mostly so not a big issue to me ? but it's indeed a priority concern for some users
Appreciate the adaptive brightness feature ported from Zenfone 6
Here's another feature request to be ported from Zenfone 6/Rog 2
The option to customise power buttons
This is from a Zenfone 6
I hope you guys will port the newer stuff Zenfone 6 and Rog 2 would get in future updates as all the devices are based on the same stock UI afterall
And maybe some camera related improvements in future 😄 (night mode *wink*)
Maybe Zen UI 7 based on android 10 (i know that's a far fetched dream lol)

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About "no audio through Bluetooth devices ",It is recommended to do the following before confirming
1. Download and install apk
2. The interface displays "false" for successful modification
3. Restart the phone and connect it with the Bluetooth device

更新後藍芽有問題-ZS620KL(ZenFone 5Z) - 手機版

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The way Google implemented their "accent colors" and "icon shapes" and "theming" options in AOSP/Pixel is not the same way as basically every other manufacturer who supported theming in the past.

Supporting that accent toggle in "DEVELOPER OPTIONS" (a non-default options field) requires a major rework of the UI functionality. It's not a simple "on/off" thing to just "turn on". We can park this discussion here - and we have already passed feedback that there are some users who wish to have text accent color capabilities in ZenUI.

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My headphones go both wired and Bluetooth
The issue is when it's in Bluetooth mode
It works fine in wired mode and there's no video lag (or jitter) as I stated above
Actually someone else reported this on the telegram channel for Zenfone 5z
Considering i can mimic this on my device too the issue seems to be widespread

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Me too. But during the call there is sound. And now does not connect via AptX.
P.S. I write through Google translator

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facing the same issue

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I am also facing the same issue voice calls works fine but no audio output through bluetooth devices checked with real me wireless buds oneplus bullets @CH_ASUS please look into this issue ASAP tried everything but no use.

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I even checked using cheap ones to check if it was AptX issue but the issue still persist.