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Auto brightness, AI ringtone not working properly in Zenfone 5z after android Q update

After updating my Asus 5z to android Q, I am experiencing some problems. AI ringtone is not working properly. And Auto brightness also. When there is no light,the auto brightness bar in the notification is decreasing, but the screen light is dimming very very slowly. But when more light is coming, it is sensing properly, and the screen light is increasing properly without any problem. The problem comes in dimming the screen light when it's dark.. it's working very very slow. Plz fix this with any software update asap. And AI ringtone also is not working properly.

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There are also minor bugs like in recent app screen sometimes the app image exists even after clearing them and when you click on them it says "app doesn't exist".

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Also navigation bar is inconsistent and does not auto hides itself and sometimes bar does not exists but still that space seems to be dark which ruins full screen experiences for ASUS 5Z also audio from 3.5 mm jack has more treble in android 9 latest version it was much better also check with battery hungry android system which seems to be culprit for reduced battery backup LOT MORE OPTIMISATIONS ARE YET TO BE REQUIRED BY ASUS hope they fix every problem as soon as possible ??