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Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2

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Dear Asus Management,

I bought Asus Zenfone Max M2 Pro (ASUS_X01BDA) 4gb / 64gb US model ZB631KL SN: K1AXGF04C955EXC, with Asus official warranty on July 16, 2019 at Xenium Cell, Plaza Jambu Dua Lt.1 Blok B2 No.6, Bogor-Indonesia, tel: +62 251 8322 838 .
Note: Android 9 version, Android security patch level December 5 2019, base band version MPS00784-SDM660_GEN_PACK-1.204336.1, kernel version 4.4.153-perf + # 1 Mon Nov 25 11:51:00 WIB 2019, Build Number PKQ1.WW_Phone -16.2017.1912.072-20191125,
A few days of use is fine, but a few days after it starts happening irregularities on this device, such as: a) New media is not detected, for example new photos are not detected in the Gallery or Google Photos, recently downloaded music is not detected in the music gallery or Google Play, even though the file is available in the file manager. b) The battery runs out quickly (super fast draning). c) Fast Heat. d) Charge is very long. e) The battery is sometimes stuck at a certain percentage or can not be 100% full.
After the existence of some of these irregularities, I have repeatedly gone back and forth to Asus Service Center in Central Bogor. After being serviced, several days improved but after that the problem come back for the several times, especially after upgrading the OS to Pie. Starting from twice replacing the battery, several times reinstalling the default software (downgrade to Oreo), even changed the engine. Everything is done at Asus Service Center.
But one thing that made me disappointed, when I demanded to replace the unit, the service center could not even agree to help take care of the submission of unit replacement. I demanded to replace the unit because in addition to having been repaired at the Asus Service Center for many several times, the device with the same type that belonged to someone else had no problems similar to what I experienced. Where should I go and which party should I reach to for the replacement of this unit?

Please process this complaint immediately.
Purchase documents attached.