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ASUS Zenfone 5Z and ZENUI 5

Star III
I'm quite sure that we will have some security improvements soon but I'm really interested in some bug fix and features for better experience with Snapdragon 845. Some times I think I'm one with a Ferrari that only have 60km/h on the panel.
Game Genie is almost  unnecessary. It doesn't provide full gaming experience (I really miss Game Turbo by Xiaomi); Zenui 5 is beautiful and full of top features, but in the general is "okay", It's better that Android One, Samsung experience UI but nothing so smooth as Oxygen OS, Miui or EMIUI are, you get me?
I'm a bit down with It, I love my 5Z but it's like "I hate the way I love you". :'(

Star I
I am getting bored from my 5z now there is no night sight, poco f1 has more features  then 5z 

Star III
I don't know what Asus is doing with 5Z.

First time buying 5Z I had it for 5 months, I like this phone but we only getting " security updates" and nothing else. I think there is more to do with game genie why not put device temperatures so we can see in games what our temps are.

Star III
Looks like has asus is going to stop providing any support for 5z. I have reported so many issues about my 5z, and there has been no solution. On top of that, asus is very very very late in pushing updates to their devices.