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Any ETA for Android 10 on Zenfone 6/5z?

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Android 10 is releasing on September 3
When can we expect android 10 on Zenfone 6/5z ?
Any ETA ?
It would be good if it launches around October tho? (Beating OnePlus to the update cycle can give Asus a quick headstart,maybe more peeps would take Asus seriously then especially Zen UI would get a good rep) 
Pretty sure zf 6 would get it within 2019 itself (flagship duh!)
Would 5z get it in 2019 itself or we gotta wait till 2020 start?
Asus 5z users have been looking for this update for a while now (it's the biggest update on our horizon) hoping Zen ui 6 would be as good as we expect it to be 
As for zf6 I mean those guys have most of the features android 10 incorporates(for eg:system wide dark theme) so maybe bug fixes and optimisations? And yeah P R I V A C Y on Android 10


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A quick heads up would be appreciated

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It would be marvelous if it launches around October. Meaning only 1 month gap from Google releasing final to us , and us getting it out the door. I'd call that awesome but unlikely.

So far we have not communicated any exact date of when the updates are scheduled to drop - simply because pegging down an exact date is easy - but keeping one is far more difficult when it comes to updates. Unforseen bugs crop up - and so on - making release schedules fluid - unless we would intentionally set a very very late date (to ensure for any possible outcome). Would you rather have a date - that we may or may not miss? 

The plan is;  ZenFone 6 gets Android 10 as fast as we can. Last cycle we released Pie for 5Z around mid-ish January. Our goal is to be faster than that, for sure, for ZenFone 6. 

5Z to Android 10; same, as fast as we can , but it will be after ZenFone 6.