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Air trigger and 2nd flash/ RGB Light soft. update

Star II
Adding a feature to the air triggers where you get the option for either a tap or a slide action for sliding the triggers.The beta version only allows slide action. If my feature is added then a player can play more versatiley cuz slide action doesn't help for air triggers and not many games are compatible or user friendly to slide action, however we need more tap options. You could have a total of 3 taps from one trigger, one by a simple tap, another tap by sliding left to right and another tap by slyding right to left. you could also keep the slide action as an option , but please add more tap options.
As for the RGB lights or second flash , users can be given the ability to controle it without the case. one can use it like a laser or a secondary aura light or a notification light where different types of notifications would flash different coloured light. It just hurts me to see the rgb light sitting ducks like that without the Lighting armour case.
Hope the developers are seeing this cuz this will really up their game cosmetically and functionally.