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960fps super slowmo in Asus 6z

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We need 960fps super slowmo video please bring it on software update as soon as possible

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They didn't bring it on Zenfone 5Z even after a year long request. I would not trust them

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Real 960fps is outside the capability of the IMX586 or the IMX363. As such we cannot bring it to the ZenFone 6 or ZenFone 5Z should we want to. The alternative way is to use software interpolation to generate 960fps - and at this point we have decided against doing this


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Oh wow!
At least we got a legit reply which is far more pleasing than what we were previously told.
Thanks CH_ASUS

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We appreciate a lot BTW when someone provides us a good explanation which the previous mods were incapable of due to their lack of understanding I guess.
Some of us who reach out here have good enough computer literacy and would like to know in detail you know... from someone more knowledgeable.

BTW which sensor or upcoming sensor is capable or will be capable of doing so?
Also are the Snapdragon 835, 845, 855 or 855+ processor capable of doing so without support of an additional Ram?
Are there additional Ram in the camera sensor for making that happen or are the smartphone companies just advertising it as a gimmick.

I've also seen some phone pulling out extreme dynamic range in their videos. Wouldn't it be awesome if ASUS added that feature as an option in their flagship smartphones..!
I mean like the iPhones's Smart HDR, just look at its video outputs. It's just incredible, no other phones can compare with the HDR in it's videos. However, the sensor now on Zenfone is large and capable of pulling more dynamic range. It's now time for ASUS to shine If that were added in Zenfone 5Z and Zenfone 6 we would be pretty happy you know..?