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No Fota 237

Hello I do not receive 33.0820.0810.237 updateI am on 232, no root, no bootloader unlock(no work)How to fix ? Thanks 

Same the problem Asus please help.

Hi guys,I bought a great ROG ALLY. The problem is I can't register it.When I try to register my phone, providing serial number I get "This serial number already registered".I bought my ROG ALLY brand new. Could you help me register it?

Wifi hotspot dead? It's Asus fault

Tomorrow my wifi hotspot dead company ask me for pay because company fault they know rog 5s  and 5 WiFi hotspot dead issue they deny to repair how can I trust company if they didn't complete promise I wish I buy other device it's pain have rog phone ...

Zapx by Star I
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Zenfone 10 Edge tool position

I really like the edge tool functionality and I already changed the settings on the tool to make it smaller but I seem to always trigger the edge tool when im trying to swipe back. Is it possible to move the edge tool indicator higher up? The ideal p...

No SoT ZenFone 8

Still no screen on time in battery settings for ZenFone 8 after some update.... Looks like this phone looses settings with the passing of time.

"Phone" audio channel is randomly very quiet

Asus Zenfone 10, Android 13, build WW_33.0220.0220.101I have an issue with Zenfone 10 and it's "phone" audio channel while on loud speaker mode. Every time the "phone" audio channel is being activated, it either goes into its normal "loud" mode, wher...

Skwara by Star III
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ZenFone 9 Question: How's the experience for a leftie?

I've been thinking about getting this phone, for a lot of reasons, espectially it being compact. The side mounted fingerprint reader seemed like a good idea, until I remembered, I'm Left-Handed. Most phones are designed for Righties, but have been ki...

E sim

Hi, just wanted to make sure that is zenfone 10 support esim ? if not i think its a major need is today's tech.

ray12 by Star II
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