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What power adapter is compatible with my Proart W5600Q2A?

I was using non-asus docks and am trying to spend money at ASUS to get my system working smoothly.The ASUS SimPro 2 dock I just bought can't power my PC reliably - it keeps behaving as if i've unplugged and re-plugged my power...maddening.So fine, I'...

Weather app widget

I just discovered that the weather app on ROG phones has a different font clock style.It's probably because the ROG theme is different from the Zenfone, but why on my zenfone 9 the standby screen clock if displayed with that ROG font? There is an inc...

Screenshot_20190908-013036275.jpg Screenshot_20230530-233559_Microsoft_Launcher.jpg Screenshot_20230530-234008.jpg
tochmi by Rising Star II
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Unabel to register product

Bought a laptop a few days ago, unable to register. When I try, it tells me the product is already registered and the website has been useless at helping me out. Looked around and most of theses have been resolved by an ASUS associate contacting and ...

Wifi and hotspot not working.

Wifi and hotspot suddenly stopped working on my Rog phone 5s and I have tried all the steps provided on this form but nothing works can someone help me with this because all the solution provide by Asus are not working. God I seriously regret buying ...

[WHAT?] Can't see GPU in device manager after install

Everything was working 30 minutes ago until I reinstalled Windows 10 and went about installing drivers for my GPU (EVGA GTX970) when I ran into this error:"NVIDIA installer cannot continueThe graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardwar...

Reject call with a message

Hi! When reject a call with the message it would be nice, if the phone sent SMS from the sim card, on which the call was received. Unfortunately, phone rejects the call only from the sim, chosen in sim card settings and there are only two options for...

Error on Contacts

 I am having issue with my Rog phone 5s every time I am trying to open my my phone contacts to edit the contact I am getting the error message as " no installed activity available to handle selected action". In order to resolve the issue I have tried...

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