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AiMesh in backhaul and LAN aggregation

Hello to all, first my situation isRT-AX88U PRO as master routerRT-AX88U as AiMesh nodeboth connected with an ethernet cable CAT 6aNow, the master is setted in PPPoE and its WAN I suppose is already at 2.5GbThe master LAN port at 2.5Gb is connected t...

Cannot add another Aimesh node to existing system.

Frustrated!Hi folks, I have an existing AiMesh system including an AC-5300 as my router and an AC-88 and and AC-86 both as AIMesh node connected via Ethernet.  I am trying to add an additonal node.For the life of me I can't figure out how to add an a...

Touch Issues with 8 Pro

I just bought an 8 Pro this week and immediately experienced touch issues on the bottom right quadrant of the screen. Followed the instructions on the sub to install the latest April security update (Tencent model flashed with WW software and have a ...

seroo by Visitor
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Issue ASUS ROG 3 Front Camera Not Working

Recently, I bought an ASUS ROG 3 from my friend. The phone was in good condition and had never been repaired. However, after using it for 3 to 5 days, I started experiencing issues with the front camera. Sometimes, when I opened the front camera, the...

Asus ZenFone 9

Why the camera of ZenFone 9 even if it have such a good lens Ans sensors is such a crap?The software for photography is bad and the photos are worse and I'm talking seriously. You should make and bring an update to fix the quality of the photography.

BSOD when building a project in Unity

Hello,  For the last several weeks i've been blue screen quite often but only when I build a project in Unity. After testing my GPU, my CPU, RAM, swapping out drives etc, the only thing that I can really think of being the source of the issue is the ...

Chrispy by Visitor
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Options before sending photos

When i got the phone, there was options before sending a photo. Like "remove shooting parameters" "Remove location data" "Keep original quality" And stuff like that. Somehow they dissapeared and i would very much like them again. Anyone know how?

otagg by Visitor
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