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Twin Apps on Zenfone 10

Hello,I'm using Twin Apps option on my Zenfone 10 for Viber and WhatsApp but on twin apps my contacts from contact list are not visible and they are not synchronized... On primary apps everything works fine.Anyone have a solution and knows how to res...

trenkri by Visitor
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Trying to reuse old board

I have an old motherboard (b450m-c) and an Intel quad-port gigabit network card. It is PCIe x4. I have a samsung evo 1TB NVMe drive in the M.2_1 slot. The OS (and it seems the BIOS - I updated to the latest version available, 2021) doesn't see the ca...

rla2023 by Star I
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Permanently disable proximity sensor

All it ever does is annoy the hell out of me by turning my screen off when it disables at random, or making me leave my phone in weird positions because I don't want it to enable when *the volume is low and I wanna hear something better*, and on goes...

Lith by Visitor
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Setting icon

The kids played with my Zenhone 9, now i have the settings icon floating on the side of the desktop,  how to get rid of it? 

Jadeit by Visitor
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Laptop constantly breaks down

i recently bought a asus gaming laptop. i only play a few games.. but a few weeks ago it started to become very laggy and i couldnt do anything on it without waiting hours for it to load. i reset it, i updated it i let it rest for a day and it was st...

How much usable space in the Zenphone 10 256gb?

Hi everyone, I am really wanting to get the 256gb Zenphone 10 but not sure it'll be enough for my needs - I've read the S23 256gb has only about 200GB usable when the phone is new - does anyone know how much is usable in the 256gb of the Zenphone 10?

Bluetooth disconnecting from car (now with fix)

So a while ago, I posted about how my phone would constantly restart its bluetooth connection when paired with my car. (Context: https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/rog-phone-6/bluetooth-disconnecting-from-car/td-p/394136 )Good news, finally found a fix, and...

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