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Which pen is compatible with TP420UA?

Hi,I have a vivobook s14 flip (in my settings it says: Model VivoBook_ASUSLaptop TP420UA_TM420UA)I had an Asus Pen (SA200H maybe) 2 years ago but it no longer works. I need to buy another one and saw there were newer pens and was wondering which one ...

Fusoza by Visitor
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Are software updates good with the Zenfone 9?

I've had OnePlus phones for years and while I've loved them, the software updates always have a bunch of bugs. I'm considering the Zenfone 10 but wanted to learn more about the lengevity - have the updates for the 9 been solid over the year, or other...

amara25 by Visitor
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I am trying to run a Java application, but getting this error:

Of course, let's address the issue of running your Java application error, while also incorporating the keyword "Java course in Pune."When you encounter an error while trying to run a Java application, it's essential to troubleshoot the issue systema...

hstr2 by Visitor
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