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I can't use the phone as a phone

During calls my earpiece will not work, and i can't hear the person on the other side.It works well using speaker phone and both wireless and wired headphones though. Any solutions available?

selfie camera problem zenfone 10

hello I have purchased this zenfone 10 for about a week now. so far I have no problems with the phone except for the selfie camera having occasional flickering black lines on video call and sometimes but every rarely the whole screen turns red. is th...

Zenfone 10 notifications dismissed and not showed up

Hi,I'm facing some issue with notifications on my zenfone 10, it was received my display was blinking when it's arrived. but the problem is my phone didn't make any sound or even vibrate. when I tap the notification bar, it came to recently dismissed...

RBW004 by Visitor
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Update to Android 14

I'm interested in updating my Zenfone 9 to Android 14, but it seems there are quite a few bugs still lingering. Would it be safe to update now, or would it be wiser to wait a bit longer?

Ghost touch

Model Name: Zenfone 9Firmware Version: WW_34.0304.2004.108 Rooted or not: Not RootedFrequency of Occurrence: Once to twice per minute - Since yesterday afternoon it suddenly (without any shocks or drops) doesn’t detect my touch or starts touching its...

ZenFone 9 - after RMA still freezing camera (app)

I got the ominous camera app freeze issue and even sent it in to RMA. Written in the RMA status is "Service and testing finished". Well obviously nothing was tested, nothing was repaired. Kudos to LetMeRepair for this stellar "work".What do I do now,...

Anphex by Visitor
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