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Option to make 'Fn'-Key sticky? (Zenbook S 13)

Hello everybody!I was wondering, whether it would be possible to put the Function key in "sticky-mode".It would greatly improve the workflow when frequently using the PgUp, PgDn, Pos1 & End keys.I would also imagine that it will be beneficial for acc...

7adm by Star III
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Front camera option is missing in camera app

A few weeks ago, my ROG Phone 6 (global) started having issues with the camera, the front camera button would go missing and the pictures taken from the main camera looked weird.. I had to restart the phone to get them working again but overtime it g...

How to enable Numpad?

How to enable Numpad on touchpad?There is a driver - ASUS NumberPadVersion V17. :This package includes the ASUS NumberPad driver, enabling fast data entry and calculation, providing smooth and precise fingertip contro...

D_IMAN by Rising Star I
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Very low wifi speed

Model name: Asus Zenfone max pro M2Android version:9(No updates available till now), not rooted. frequency of occurance:most of the timeI am using Airtel xtream broadband connection with 40mbps in other mobiles of other companies I get around 40 Mbps...

the battery

Rogphone 3 doesn't show battery percentage even though I installed it I am very upset about this 

Disable system auto update

I have downgraded my Asus Rog 5s phone to Android 11 three times but it managed to update to Android 12. There is no option to turn of auto update as you can see in the screenshot. Solution?

Where are the categories

Where have the categories gone to? When I tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner the page pops up ( slides from the left) but it's just a white page all of a suddenlIs there a problem with the forum page or is it just this old Z 7??...

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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