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Android 14 update is dropping FPS in Games

After I was forced to update to Android 14 Call of duty mobile has FPS drops randomly and also the left trigger when held down bugs at times and acts like if I let it go. Also the display is not as sensitive to touch as it used to be while playing ot...

Yan2 by Visitor
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Don't expect much better update from ASUS.

If you people are looking to sort out the biggest issue of Airtrigger and cooler buttons from the update. Don't expect too much from update and switch to another device.Cause they really don't care about their customers after launching the the device...

recent apps and notifications have gray background

Is it a bug? Cos I saw this on other zenfones on youtube. Background should be transparent: wallpaper should be visible.  However, in recent apps, if you press settings icon above any app, enter app info and close it (with upperleft back arrow) - wal...

quz by Visitor
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Asus zenbook 14 battery life

I've got a new asus zenbook 14, but the battery life isn't that good. So, does battery life get better by time as the laptop optimize my usage or it will be the same?

quten by Visitor
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Aerocooler 7 Restock when?

Hi,when will the active aerocooler 7 restock and is it still in production or they went for the rog phone 8 ones....

Roxxe3 by Star II
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Android 11 - security patch 2023-04-01

From what I read on this forum I guess there won't be any security patch newer than 2022-01-01 for rog phone II  which is shame from Asus. My issue is that I can't use my rog phone II to use corporate app for my work to read my emails for example. Mi...

Rog 8 pro battery display

Hi, does anyone know how to remove/turn off the tiny (red/orange) battery icon displaying on top left of the screen when i plugged the charger? Its showing up when the screen is locked while charging.

Rrj01 by Star II
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Bad display of quick settings - Android 14

1. Zenfone 92. WW_34.0304.2004.873.4. Still5. System (Android 14) after the last update to Android 14, the quick settings panel (Android view) does not appear, or the buttons move up and are hidden on top of each other, see screen. This happens when ...

Tomy90c by Star III
  • 2 replies
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