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ROG Phone 6D 音效魔術師失效/放音樂+玩遊戲聲音會變很高音刺耳

型號名稱:ROG Phone 6D韌體版本:最新發生頻率:時常發生如標題音效魔術師已設定低音,一開始有效,但是只要一開遊戲,設定值就像失效一樣變的很高音尖銳刺耳聽了很不舒服 已測試兩台同樣的手機都是一樣的結果,需要重新開機才會暫時恢復正常但只要一開遊戲又變成失效狀態再重新調整都沒有用原版的高通處理器6代都沒有這個問題,換成這台天璣系列的6D就出現這個問題想問是韌體問題還是手機硬體問題 ?

Block suggestion to charge at specific time

I have a US Zenphone 9.How can I block Asus's insesent suggestion to only charge during certain times?I live offgrid on solar, so it doesn't matter when I charge for power costs. If anything, it should be telling me to only charge during sunny days. ...

dacca by Visitor
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RE. My phone crashes when I try to attach a file!!!

When I try to attach a file from internal storage to an app or site (Gmail, Chrome, Dropbox, etc.), my phone freezes. This happens through the file manager or when other apps are trying to access files (in the case of the file manager, when I press t...

AlexH by Star III
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My wifi is broken after the new update

Dear support, please help me Model name:ASUS_AI2202 (zenphone 9)It is a no rooted phoneThe problem, my wifi connection not stable, since your last update. Please downgrade it or fix it. thanks 


ZenBook Model UX580GD Finger Print Reader?

Zenbook UX580GD fingerprint reader, a while back I upgraded to Windows 11 from 10 on Zenbook but the fingerprint reader is not working  now, I have tried downloading and installing the driver but it is still not recognizedWould someone know the exact...

aus11 by Visitor
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ROG 8 - Camera Problem

Since the latest firmware update on June 2024, i have insane change of camera feature. Not in good ways but in ridiculous worst way. 1. Flip button to change from rear camera to front camera is gone. Now i can't do selfie photoshoot.2. Wide camera 0....

Khaeru by Visitor
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