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These are by far the worst Asus can stoop to rip off money. No problems are being fixed. Air triggers are why gamers buy phones and these guys always have issues with their triggers. 

Air triggers Asus you better fix this were going to sue !!

Class action lawsuit guys defective products should be recalled means send everyone that bought this crappy phone a upgraded working phone with a better fan with sub what kinda cheap crap have you guys sold us and why do you keep closing to convos li...

Security issues

I have Rog 7 and and despite many other issues that came with android 14 like overheating problems, air triggers not working correctly and so on it has big security issues. Rog 7 it's not secure at all because it can be turned off when it's locked wi...

Tonyz by Star I
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Air triggers doesn't work properly

I had all the rog phone since day 1 and this is(rog by far have the worse air triggers, when you buy Asus rog phone it's mainly because the air triggers so Devs please do something about it!!!!!

Refael by Visitor
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Very important,after latest update TouchTriggers doesnt work as it should anymore.Switching off just by moving phone .Switching off 7-10 sec after pressing .When you do reset on them It works for few minutes and it starts again .I bought phone cuz of...

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