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Asus Tri-band Router

I just brought the ASUS RT AXE7800 Tri-band Router. It has added to my speed, but my laptop, which is capable of 6e, is only picking up two networks: 2.5H and 5G.. Nothing in my house is picking up the third network.I have the latest drivers from Int...

minibo by Visitor
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Sound Rog Phone 7

Hello everyone. On my phone, the volume of the upper (left) speaker is higher than the lower (right) one . The voice and bass are louder in the left than in the right.When performing the SMMI test in stereo mode, on the contrary, the lower (right) is...

Germind by Visitor
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# Rog5 Wifi not working along with RGB light

After the update 33.0210.0210.229 my phone's wifi and back panel RGB ain't working it has been more than a week !! the phone lost its wifi detection capability and RGB lighting function on 13th September 2023 and till today the bug or whatever it is ...


4x48GB RAM with ProArt X670E-CREATOR WIFI

I'm considering buying the mobo and the support page says that the only supported memory is CORSAIRCMK192GX5M4B5200C38(Ver 3.53.02)It also has a note: Support in the first 4 digits of memory lot number after 2311.What exactly does it even mean?I've f...

nexus4 by Visitor
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What's the hype about the Zenfone 10?

All the reviewers are going on like it's the only small powerful phone. What about the s23? It's literally just a bit wider and that's it. Plus it has thinner bezels and a better camera. So can someone explain to me what am I missing?

mark808 by Visitor
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