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Zenfone 10 connex case question

Does anyone know if the connex case is made out of the same material as the included case? I would hate to spend 50e on it only to find out its the same quality as the included one. Is it at all thicker or more grippy? Would anyone say its worth the ...

X Mode not engaging after Android 12

Not sure if anyone is having the same problem but after upgrading to AA12 , when I launch a game, X mode stays quiet like it never exists.. I can turn it on manually but not automatically. I went into Armoury Crate and chose dynamic, still no change....

Asus tuf F15 issues after reinstall

Hi guys I have a f15 with a i7 12700h and rtx 4060 I reinstalled windows onto a new ssd but still kept my old one and formatted It. After my fresh install the brightness is not going up despite downloading all drivers using Asus software. Another iss...

ivrak by Visitor
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Cannot receive configuration messages

Hi,on my brand new Zenfone 9 I'm not able to receive configuration messages from my carrier. I just receive an SMS that tells me to click on the notification of the configuration message once displayed, but anything else.Phone specs:Zenfone 9 16GB/25...

max80hc by Star I
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Always-on display brightness too low

software info in screenshotI recently switched to the Zenfone 10 from the LG G8, which had a fantastic AOD.The Zenfone AOD is too dim when triggered in a dimly lit room. I've noticed that if i hold the phone near a light when the screen is on, then t...

How can I downgrade the system software?

After I updates the software to 33.0820.0810.121, my phone gone hotter, charge slower, use lagger, and even sometimes, auto shutdown. After sent to Asus Service Center in Malaysia, nothing is done, just .12345+ in calculator is made, nothing is fixed...

Eaten by Star III
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Trouble with cellular data

I just purchased a ZenFone 10 and I am experiencing an issue. I can't seem to use cellular data, for navigation it's seems I am able to use WhatsApp although it's slow as **bleep** and I can make and receive calls no issue but no internet. Any ideas ...

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