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Ultra HDR Image Capture

Android 14 provides support for capturing Ultra HDR, and Zenfone 9 is one of the flagship devices. But after update to A14 I can see Zenfone 9 can not capture Ultra HDR. Please update the system, apps, and camera improvement to support capture Ultra ...

About power buttom (Rog 7 Ultimate Android 14)

Hello! I'll ask you to see if anyone noticed the same thing as me (or is it my imagination). I think there is an issue with the power buttom, I notice that it takes twice as long as normal, that is, when I press the button to turn off the screen ther...

Zenfone 8 died while charging

I left my phone to charge overnight and I woke up to it dead. Took it to a repair center and they said it was the motherboard, warrenty wont cover it. Not a great feeling when you buy a premium device for 470 quid just to have it die on you 1 year an...


after updating to android 14 the fps while recording not stable, as you can see in the video im playing on 90fps then recording with 90/60fps and 720p resolutions the fps going down around 45-60fps when i play real match, pls fix this

xtcy by Visitor
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Any information?

Can you tell us or is there any information when our phones will work normally again so that we can play on them without fps dropping? @Mattias_ASUS 

JimiK by Star II
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ROG Phone 7 Ultimate FPS Drops after Android 14

Hello,I play PUBG Mobile(with 90fps) and COD Mobile(120fps) regularly, in multiplayer matches face to face with real opponents it's impossible because the cell phone stays frozen for a second and the FPS display drops to 30 fps in some moments to 15 ...

m1aroo by Visitor
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Zenfone 9 Android 14 audio issues

So I just received the Android 14 update for my Zenfone 9. Everything works ok aside from certain sound effects, most notably the screen locking / unlocking sound (the default snap and camera shutter sounds), and also the sound that plays when you pl...

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