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XT9 Wifi-lag

hello, i am using 2 XT9s as replacement for my AFM Fritz Mesh, as i plan to get rid of my FritzBox. Accesspointmode,  connection quality between  both nodes "great" but i realised that devices connected to the slave node have - despite an "ok" ping -...

aurel81 by Star I
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I bought ROG 7 phone just for gaming and in the beginning I was so excited to have it, but seeing that this is not worth even for the main reason that this phone is built (gaming) I say it was a waste of money to have this phone. Upgrading to Android...

Tonyz by Star II
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Android update

Since the update of 5/4/24 the option to manually select a phone service provider seems to have vanished from the settings menu.As I live in a location where my phone can see three countries cellular infrastructure I don't want it to lock onto the wr...

jimwatt by Visitor
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Zenfone 9 only charges with fast charger

My zenfone 9 has suddenly stopped charging with anything other than a high wattage fast charger. Power banks, car, computer, or any power brick lower than 30 watts just doesn't do anything even though the phone says it's plugged in and charging. Anyo...

More issues in UX

As I use this phone more,  I see some problems that I think can be fixed:1) AOD is extremely dim, especially under sunlight. This is counter-intuitive and must be fixed.2) The fingerprint misses so many times under the sunlight, this needs to be fixe...

Overheating issue announcement on Android 14

All users who are experiencing high overheating issue on your ROG 7 please follow these steps and send your long to the moderators @Mattias_ASUS . He is gathering all the logs and going to send them to dev team. Hopefully, if we all send our logs we ...

Sam1991 by Rising Star II
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12 days of tech-mass fake giveaway

Hey does anyone know if they have actually contacted anyone for this "giveaway"  it was ran in Dec 2023 it's now April 2024 and still no word of any winners or anything.I tried contacting Asus rog UK Instagram and they have been leaving my messages o...

Akourou by Visitor
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PA32DC self calibration grey

I am unable to select self calibration on my PA32DC. My firmware is showing B00T00.I can't upgrade my firmware. I have downloaded the firmware update to my Mac, and I can put it onto a Flash drive. Which 2 buttons do I press to initiate firmware upda...

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