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Over heating issues

After 0.71 update still there is so much of lag In free fire and goes to 45°c and also there are so many frame drops in game

Asus Rog phone 5s help

Hello Guys,i had some problems with my phone last 4 days, i could not use wireless Internet access or any google appilications. so i searcht for it many people said i should flash it what i did but it didnt work. Now i am trying some other thinks lik...

Asus ProArt PA279CRV does not wake after sleep

Hi,I have just purchased a new Asus ProArt PA279CRV monitor.The monitor is connected to the laptop (Lenovo Legion 5 with nvidia RTX 3070) via USB-C/DP port as a second screen. I have also connected mouse and keybord to monitor's USBs. When I plug in ...


Hi, I bought this motherboad specially because it have PS/2 connector but faced problems using PS/2 keyboard: when I saved something in BIOS then I can't enter in BIOS again, DEL of F2 buttons have not effect, also if I have failed overclock message ...

BORETS by Star I
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مشاكل في الاجهزة الهاتف ROG 3

مرحبآ1-توجد عندي في هاتف rog-3 مشكلة في السماعة type-c rog cetra تشتغل الاضاءة في السماعة فقط لكن لا يوجد صوت في السماعة الصوت يخرج فقط من الهاتف عند شبك السماعة ،2-وايضاً في جهاز mobile desktop dock لما اشبك على الهاتف الموس والكيبورت لا يعملان فقط ...

Why are the air triggers so sticky?

The air triggers on my ROG8 pro are so sticky, sometimes requires a lot of pressure, sometimes it works on its own and sometimes stops working randomly! I have used all previous devices except ROG7, these seems like the worst air triggers ever! They ...

¡¡¡Armoury crate bugued!!!!Could any Mod help?!

I've made some testing and the only way stops heating at least playing because it's the only place we can use a modified profile, stopped heating when I reduced the values and maintain the old good temperatures as it used to be before last update, bu...

Defalt by Star III
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Rog phone 6 A14 bug's v .260

After receiving Android 14 in its first version, it had some serious bugs so to speak, after this it received an update that would fix those errors, such as problems in FPS in games, connection, screen, lighting, etc... After this update, other probl...

An update on the downgrade I received.

I got downgraded to the stable Android 13 version about a couple of weeks ago here in Finland. Today I noticed a big change, I believe that the battery is now fully optimized for my own use and the system has stabilized after the downgrade. Today I p...

JimiK by Rising Star I
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