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last update for rog phone 7

Hi, my firmware is on  33.0820.0810.217. Is there any update after this? If there is could someone send the download for it please as the security patch is on 1-July-2023 and I need to update this for work related. So if anyone has any recent update ...

Asus Prime B650M-A II

Just recently built my pc, if I use nvme slot 1 my nvme ssd doesn't get recognized if i use nvme slot 2 the nvme ssd gets recognized. Is there a configuration in the motherboard that needs to be adjusted because i plan to add another 1tb nvme ssd gen...

Sciruz by Visitor
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Cant download asus dial & control panel

Hello asus team. I cannot download the Asus control panel. the internet connection is stable, I am logged in to my Microsoft account. I press install in the Microsoft application and nothing happens.

AnnaZet by Visitor
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Zenfone 9 battery drain

After latest update a huge battery drain noticed = battery drain by others for 91% and screen on time just around 3 - 3.5 hours on full charge. Previously, it could be up to 6 hoursPhone: zenfone 9Fw version: 33.0804.2060.204

YuryM by Star I
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Router settings transfer

I am currently using RT-AC86U as my main router and RT-AX55 as my mesh node, I am planning to upgrade my main router by buying RT-AX1800HP. I would like to ask is it possible to transfer existing settings from RT-AC86U to RT-AX1800HP without reconfig...

Any advice on double taps on the back?

I've recently bought the zenfone 10 and am still getting used to it, but one of the things i still can't use is the double/triple tap. How do you guys do it? Edit: the post is not about the feature itself but rather about how to use it consistently

angus2 by Visitor
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Zenfone 10 Media Volume Limiter

Hi guys, I just got a new Zenfone 10 and it was working perfectly but then I found the volume got super low with my headbuds. There's no option to disable a media volume limiter and I have to turn the sound all the way up to get the same volume I had...

kitsch1 by Visitor
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Download Pikashow APP

Download Pikashow live is typically offers a vast library of movies, TV shows, web series, and live TV channels. Users can browse through the content and choose what they want to watch.One of the main features of Pikashow is the ability to stream liv...

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