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ZenPhone 7 Pro Android 13?

Will the Zenphone 7 Pro be updated to android 13?When I bought it I think I read somwhere that I would be entitled to at least 3 years of upgrades but I don't see any news anywhere about this.

Keyboard and Gesture Haptics and Adaptive Brightness

Just got the Zenfone 10. Loving it overall, but have 2 questions/issues that I'm hoping can get resolved.1. Adaptive brightness just sometimes stops working. A restart resolves things but I'm wondering if there's a permanent fix I can do or a fix fro...

Aadu by Star I
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People who call me hear my voice crack

Hi, I have the Zenfone 10 for a few weeks now. I have the same kind of problems when getting called as is reported in this Zenfone 9 thread:https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/zenfone-9/poor-sound-quality-while-making-a-call/td-p/365429I installed the ACR vo...

Leejjon by Star I
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5g network

From 8 month I am using 5g network but from few days 5g network is unable to connect. And also from disabling the auto network there also no network of 5g .

Wenja by Visitor
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Rog Phone 7 Giveaway Event Confirmed Scam

Couple months back ASUS started a giveaway event within which users had to write a post of their experience with Rog Phones in order to win a Rog Phone, Cooling Fan & Theme Packs.The event was published by Panda Asus, a forum moderator. I along with ...

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