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hello can i extend warranty if the warranty has expired i really warranty to upgrade 


can i extend warranty if warranty is expired i reaali want to upgrade warranty 

How To Updates System

My Rog Phone 7 ( Tencent ) Build number is WW_33.0820.0810.121 Why Me No Have new System Updates. Not have at all, Please I Need New System Update


Charging battery

Hello. I can't completely charging my phone. Charging stops on 62% and looks like charge, but % don't grown up. 

Asus ROG phone 8 new update problem

Why this new update 34.1420.1420.407 ruins everything? There is frame drop everywhere in the game now especially in honkai star rail used to be max fps now drop to 40-55 with no stable fps even I Active x mode, the fps still drop.Please fix it. Why s...

Deneb11 by Star I
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zenfone 10 notifications not sorted chronologically?

long time iphone user and just switched to zenfone 10. one thing that annoys me is that notifications arent sorted by time. this is super annoying and will switch back to iphone if i cant change this. cant think of any reason why asus would do this e...

gomenam by Visitor
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