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Question about recovery mode

Model name: Rog phone 6Firmware:267Not rootedYesterday I pressed the volume up and power button and the phone went to recovery mode but I let go of the volume up and power button and the phone booted up like normal, I was curious if it will damage my...

Stutzy by Star I
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I am at a Dead End and don't know what to do!!!

I have tried everything I know to do and I am still right where I started. I purchased the ASUS Zen Wi-Fi XT-9 at the beginning of this year. I came home and before setting up the routers, I registered them using an account that I set up with ASUS ye...

JC62710 by Star I
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Unable to log in

Hello,I am unable to log in  to my zenbook. It says incorrect password, although I have not changed it. And pasword tip shows the old pass 2 first numbers. I dont want to reset and loose my data. What can I do with it? Is it software issue?

Regular IP Address Flipping

On my ASUS RT-AC66U B1 router, the IP address flips back and forth between two addresses throughout the day. It is always a flip between the same two addresses. Each time it flips, I lose connection for a couple of minutes.Any ideas what might be cau...

Anime vision

My new Rog phone 8, doesn't have Anime vision option, instead of this got "system lighting"Is that even possible? How can I fix it?Thanks guys

reheg by Visitor
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Why my battery still reduce when I'm using aero active with a charger

Cheems by Visitor
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Zenfone's downfall needs to be studied

Their re-introductory of Zenfone series featuring AI stuff and quality camera in a budget price back in 2018 started really good with Zenfone 5z. And then they innovated and peaked with their flip camera at Zenfone 7 Pro. Then things started going do...

lokic by Visitor
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Honor of Kings has finally launched!

Honor of Kings – The No. 1 Mobile MOBA has finally launched in Europe, Japan, and North America. Play it on the ROG Phone 8 Series and use our special code PLAYHOKONROGPHONE to unlock some in-game goodies. More details in comments! Play it today: ht...

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