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UX3402V support on linux, sound not working

Hello, I have recently bought a Asus Zenbook 14 UX3402V. I will need to use it with linux, but I figure out that sound is not working under linux Ubuntu distribution. I have read some insights on how to make it work, but root issue seems to be on mis...

SVic by Visitor
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Strix 790-H no boot

Purchased this board last November (2023). After build, it halted at DRAM Q-LED. All fans on, LEDs on RAM are lit, but it will not progress. Tried cleaning and re-seating DIMMs, tested other configurations. Realized DRAM was newer than the approved l...

What's your avarage gaming temperature? Alternative coolers

Hi, I've been wondering what's your avarage temperature while in longer gaming sessions (2-3h)?I'm using Asus aeroactive cooler 7 and phone temp is between 41-43 *C, while cooler's temp is about 38 *C.It is already little bit unpleasant so I've been ...

Pawnu by Star I
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Türkiye'den selamlar  dostlarmerhaba Asus ROG 3 ZS661KS modeliiçin WW_31.0210.0210.309 Güncelleme gelmiş diyo arkadaşlar Güncelleme gelen arkadaşlar Asus rog 3 fan grubumuzdaki bilgi paylaşım sayfamız olan bu sayfadaGüncellemelere nasıl ulaştıklarını...

Ofli by Star II
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Zenfone 10 stuck in boot loop for me too

It causes a lot of damage and painful confusion, and it's dangerous that I can't even make an emergency call. I just restarted the Zenfone 10, and then it causes this damage. Wiping data, causing data loss, is not a "recovery" even if you write that,...

ddac by Star I
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Asus Joke

I was browsing net for possible fix for my stupid phone and i came thru this website that keep track of android phones. And realize what joke this situation is. So Asus offer only 2 years of update, phone was released 7/2022, so the support is over? ...

KotOr by Star II
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Strange behavior of the OS after reinstallation!!!

@Falcon_ASUS I reinstalled Windows and noticed very loud cooling noise and heating!I also noticed seconds of freezing.All this is observed mainly in Google Chrome version 127!For some reason it seems to me that there is a problem with the diet.I trie...

D_IMAN by Rising Star II
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Asus zenfone 9 roaming problème

My phone is Zenfone 9. I can never use my internet package abroad. My operator is BASE. I have never had this problem before on my xioamai and Samsung phones. The Asus phone gets worse after every update. I'm about to break my phone. If there is a s...

Zenmk by Star I
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