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Rog Phone 7 Giveaway Event Confirmed Scam

Couple months back ASUS started a giveaway event within which users had to write a post of their experience with Rog Phones in order to win a Rog Phone, Cooling Fan & Theme Packs.The event was published by Panda Asus, a forum moderator. I along with ...

Mobile Call speaker Problem

I bought a mobile phone about 7 months ago, and initially, it worked very well. However, after 4 months, the call speaker stopped functioning properly. Now, I have to open the call speaker to hear calls. Is there a solution to this issue, or do I nee...

How to determine if my Battery is defective

At battery saver mode from 40% below, and at constant ultra durable mode. No games since I use my zenfone 8 for business purposes.My battery does not survive the day. My screentime today is as attached but already at 48%. And I set limit to 90% charg...

Autofil saved password not working [ROG PHONE 7]

Autofill saved password not pop up on keypad when login in on every app like shopping app, bank app, Facebook & etc. But it pop up when using  chrome. Currently using google password manager. Already try disable and enable autofil,not working. Change...

Blaze02 by Star I
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Battery is draining 10% when shutdown.

K3502ZA: as the title suggests, overnight without the charger connected, my fully charged battery will show 90-91% charge in the morning. My BIOS date 08/09/2022 does not have APM and ErP options in Advanced settings  that other ASUS lapto...

FrankW by Star II
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