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RAID0 problem

Hi guys! Got studiobook w700 g2t. It has two 500gb disks in raid0. want to install two 1Tb disks (samsung 990evo), but BIOS detects only one of them and can not make raid0

ZenBook 15 faulty 3.5 mm jack?

I bought a ZenBook 15 UM3504DA-MA444W. It seems like a good model, except for having an OLED screen. Not going to lie, I bought it because it looks beautiful.To my surprise, when I tried it, my wired headphones didn't fit in the jack. They go in all ...

Zenfone 9 died before warranty

The time has come, my Zenfone 9 gave up yesterday. Was listening to music then put it down on the table and after a few hours later when I checked it was completely unresponsive. Tried to charge it (although it was at 80% when I stopped listening to ...

taddy by Visitor
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Rog8 wifi issues

Guys why does this phone have wifi issues?? It's either slow with wifi or disconnects for a bit. Legitimately wish I never got this **bleep** and sticked with the rog 3 which is far better. Would appreciate if anyone knew how to fix this issue.

k1aska by Visitor
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Guest WiFis vs Access Intranet vs AP Isolation

Hi everyone,I'm thinking about getting an ASUS wifi router but before I do, I really need to understand how guest wifis/AP isolation/"access intranet" settings work together in terms of isolation.After I read all the documentation I would expect the ...

Fix for boot loop/camera crash android 14

https://github.com/GrapheneOS/Camera/releases I've downloaded and installed that camera app which replaced the Android camera library files and haven't had an issue since. Opened closed reopened camera no crash. Restarted phone multiple times no boot...

Xbox Series S + Asus PA248QV = Stretched Image 😭 Help!

Hey everyone! I'm having a bit of an issue. Just got my new Xbox Series S and the image looks stretched on my Asus PA248QV monitor (1920x1200, 16:10).I've already tried:Using a different HDMI cable.Changing display settings on both devices, but the a...

Camix27 by Visitor
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Glitch on latest firmware rog 8 pro

Hi guys. I found glitch after playing a game.Anyone have experience like this (vide attachment) ? I install the game from clean/fresh installation rom.It is bug firmware, or broken hardware?

Arlo by Star III
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