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Writing linux to x551m

I have an x551m that i'm trying to write a linux system to, but the hard drive won't allow me to put any bootloaders on it . I deleted windows 8 off of it. Anything I'm doing wrong?

Best way to frankenstein two phones together?

My first Z6 got wet and the motherboard died. Now I just dropped my 2nd one on the camera, and it must have severed an internal connection =( The first one has a lot less runtime than the 2nd. Also the magic button on the 2nd one is dead. Would it be...

nojima by Visitor
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Last A13 update results in games lag

Hi!Since last March update games started lagging once per minute. Setting mode to High Performance, enabling/disabling Game genie doesn't help. Fone is not hot, so i'm pretty sure it's not throttling, but some freshly introduced system optimization r...

the90h by Star I
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Wake on Lan asus Rog G14

I want to activate the wake on lan option on my asus Rog Zephyrus g14, but I have tried from the bios and I can't find the Advanced power management option, and from the device manager my network adapter doesn't have the power options tab.I am confus...

Mesh Network

Hi! Sorry if this doesn't belong here. Wasn't sure where to post this - I just setup my mesh network with my RT-AX86S Router. I have two nodes branching off of my main router. However whenever I look at the topology it looks like my second node is re...

laptop product registration

Hello, I tried to register my laptop but the system indicates that the serial number is already registered, which could be from a previous attempt. However my account does show any registered product. What is happening ?laptop Asus UX430UA 

fbcomz by Visitor
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laptop UX430UA

Hello, just looking for the use of the keyboard button that have 4 signs , like the 3 with # £  / in the corners, and also the function keys. Too bad the manual does not explain that.Thanks for your help,

fbcomz by Visitor
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Scaling of Messenger window under chat bubbles

Hi! I've just started using Zenfone 9 after battery in my Galaxy S10 died. I enjoy my experiences with Asus for now, but there are some issues with Messenger app when using chat bubbles:There's a "manage" button in the bottom of the screen. For such ...

Pixi by Visitor
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