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Ui issue in Arabic language

the notification start in the center of the screen not after the buttons in the upper of the screen. #zenfone8 #android13


Asus ROG5s

Not working my air trigger some times working but mostly not working please help me to fix it

FX506H DTS:X Ultra not working

Hello!My DTS:X Ultra app is not working anymore, it used to work but it doesn't anymore. I have reinstalled the drivers from the driver support site, no luck. Audio works but the DTS:X Ultra profiles don't change anything, turning DTS:X on and off do...

Darkov by Star I
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ITVX android app

Zenphone 8 (ASUS_1`006D) 33.0210.0210.210The new ITVX app (UK television) does not install from the play store, I get a message saying 'This app won't work for your device' and there is no option to install it.  I have checked with ITVX developers an...

NickP by Star I
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Rog Phone 6 Snapdragon Sound

I'm using my Fiio UTWS5 snapdragon playing music if change to other app somtimes have mute around 1 second issue, will have any action to fix this issue? Thank you

Geme gene problem

Hello i have a strange problem on asus zenfone 8 flip i like to use game genie but along with the new update it does not work well. The only way i can open it is click on the notification. previously I could do it by swiping from the right edge now i...

counterpoint-asus-rog-phone-3-review-game-genie.jpg Screenshot_20230207-011855457.jpg Screenshot_20230207-012657268.jpg Screenshot_20230207-011954981.jpg

Refresh rate issue

Model name: Asus Rog Phone 5sFirmware Version: V02.01.01.17System update: 31.0810.1226.146 Not Rooted Hi, I have a problem with the refresh rate while playing games like geshin impact. I always turn on 144hz but recently when I updated the new system...

RubyKun by Visitor
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RoG Phone 5s - new firmware WW-31.0810.1226.146

Hey,I would like to interest before installing the new firmware.Specifically I'm interested about the icons if working properly and in the notification bar looks normal the icons or simplified because of the update ?I remember when I installed the fi...

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