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Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV - main display issue (defect)

Hello, I am experiencing a display issue / error / defect with my laptop's main screen. A horizontal line that provides a lighter shade in respect to the rest of the screen. This issue has appeared without cause, no physical damage was caused to the ...

rdcb by Visitor
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Just a quick question about battery care (s14 flip 12500H)

Dear Falcon_ASUS,In my previous post you told me:"...with the current laptop, when the battery is completely discharged, it will enter a protection mode. Please make sure not to go without charging or turning it on for more than six months.". I think...

grgczyz by Star I
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ROG 5s WiFi auto disconnect

Model Name: ROG 5sFirmware Version: Android 11Rooted or not: NotFrequency of Occurrence: Wifi auto disconnect even after I've restarted the phone, the ways I check to fix the problem its quite useless. Literally yesterday morning, it's just suddenly ...

wen22 by Visitor
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Resolved! Zenbook 14 UM433I charger issue

My original charger has broken and I would like to know diameter of the DC port. It would be great if you also recommend some reliable chargers.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! A bug with themes

I noticed when I install a theme and then remove it and revert to the default theme, the old themed icons (already uninstalled) still appear in some menus like sharing! It means they aren't uninstalled completely no matter you clear cache or not... P...

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