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this is the most annoying **bleep** phone i ever had so much regrets i spend all that money on this **bleep**  . i had samsung always and thought give a chance for this brand with 16 gigs ram and chipset . Good hardware **bleep** op system useless.  ...

I want change Battery Optimisation for this app ->

hii really care about my battery condition cut i can't cuz i have two annoying apps n my phone first is"Google Services" - she is alwasy in use in background, i do everything from internet to decrease battery drain and this app still get something. W...

KnazZo by Star III
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Motherboard replacement

Hey guys, I had an issue with my phone when it started freezing and then dying now it won't boot up. I recently took it to a technician and they told me they can't fix it and the issues weren't the battery so I'm guessing its the motherboard and the ...

Iran Daylight Saving Time(DST)

HelloI am using a ASUS_X018D in Iran. Properly, Iran used daylight saving time(DST). But this year, the government have decided to remove it. So our time wouldn't changed with one hour addition. But my phone has changed my time automatically. I need ...

Just another dead Zenfone 8

Hi,My Zenfone 8 died suddenly after using it for 1 year and 9 months. Black screen with no response at all. On one hand very disappointed, on the other happy that I have still 3 months of warranty left. I'm not sure if it will be replaced with a new ...

Zenfone 9 Charger not working?

I've had my Zenfone 9 for around 4 months now, love the phone but in the last 24-48 hours I have noticed that the stock charger has stopped working... The phone looks like it is charging but I then go to the battery settings and it says 'Not Charging...

Performance tuning

Hello, i want to know good gaming tuning for: CarX Street. My performance in the game is so bad, sometimes so laggy even on lowest settings. Thank you for help in advance

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