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Stuck on 33.0220.0220.75

Hi!I have a Zenfone10 purchased at the US, and it's currently stuck on firmware version 33.0220.0220.75.System update states "Your system is up-to-date"I've also tried downloading the latest firmware (34.1004.0204.128) from Asus website. Upon restart...

Rog phone 8 issues.

Recently I have bought a rog 8 base model it will be ariving this week. But after searching the web I see mainly negative feedback. Either problems with the software. Or a faulty device from the start. And it's got me stressing. As I bought from an o...

hetoo by Visitor
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Block suggestion to charge at specific time

I have a US Zenphone 9.How can I block Asus's insesent suggestion to only charge during certain times?I live offgrid on solar, so it doesn't matter when I charge for power costs. If anything, it should be telling me to only charge during sunny days. ...

sukawni by Visitor
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What phone are you moving onto?

Using a zenfone 9 currently and trying to decide what to get next. Asus has really been a disappointment with the whole bootloader unlock tool situation and it doesn't seem like we will be getting a smaller zenfone again. I hate big phones but there ...

ROG 8 Pro Mic Issue

I just noticed I thought I was blocking the mic with my hand while playing making me hard to be heard by my teammates, also when I'm doing a messenger call to the point where in I'm not even touching the sides anymore and still they taught I have my ...

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