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Push notification issues Rog phone 8 pro

I love my phone as the battery is really good but I am struggling to get some notifications from some apps. The worst one is WhatsApp. People text away to me and I never get them unless I open the app.I have do not disturb off, I have battery usage u...

Wifi 5Ghz Channel 36 in ROG 6

How strange it is when my sister's smartphone from the S##s@@g brand, which is both assembled in Indonesia, has Wifi Channel 36-48 while my Asus ROG 6 doesn't. Why?

Zenfone 10 cannot Turn off System Auto Update

as u can see in the screenshot, I cannot turn off the auto download and install option on my Zenfone 10. the system update was auto downloaded and I can only pause it but cannot "cancel" it, instead of "continue".Please kindly help on this.

Screenshot_20240718-202703_System_update (1).jpg Screenshot_20240718-202911_System_update.jpg
LettyH by Visitor
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Black Screen

My Phone keep getting black screen always while hearing voice messages (in whatscrapapp but not in Telegram) or during any phone calls since I replaced the screen protector. How to disable the hear sensor in RoG Phone 7? Is it a developer option?

ExpertBook B9 OLED - No more sound ans no microphone

HelloI just bought an ExpertBook B9 OLED (B9403, 13th Gen Intel). I have no more sound and microphone.Further elements  :- in System/sound/all peripherics/Microsoft Array : the check box "Format" is empty. ( I can't select anaything)- In the tool bar...

JCC1 by Visitor
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