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Limited wireless charging speed when screen is on

Hello,I have a problem with wireless charging of my Zenfone 10. Phone specification says that 15W wireless charging is supported and it looks that it is true only when the screen is off. Whenever screen is on for example to use GPS navigation in car ...

LeserGD by Star I
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"System not responding" pop up

I was trying to skip an ad by swiping on the side and after the ad is gone, it popped up. I did swipe many times, so I was wondering if it's because of that. I tried to replicate it but I wasn't successful 

Stutzy by Visitor
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Dead Zenfone 8 Revive

Hey, as we know now for sure the Zenfone 8 has a problem which i think is cause you got some nice brick update i would like trying to help. First of all its really important that check if:Did it make any sound when connecting it to a computer ?Get th...

ZenFone 10 battery drain

SpoilerThe battery on my ZenFone 10 drained super fast from 100% till 90 after charging.The battery on my ZenFone 10 drained super fast from 100% till 90 after charging.

ZenFone 10 issue with app colors

The Zenfone suddenly changed the color of some apps, instead of showing their usual colors, they appeared in shades of pinkish grey. Anyone knows how to fix this?

Cgx by Star I
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Здравствуйте. Я играл в пабг в 120 ФПС но вчера они у меня пропали , в настройках есть 120 но счётчик рог показывает 91 , такая проблема была в начале потом пофиксили , теперь она снова присутствует 

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