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FX506LH TUF F15 No power

Tuf F15 was working fine, tried to switch on next day & completely dead, Mains charger ok & tried hard reset, No power light, laptop is less than 2 years old & has had very little use. Definitely no liquid or impact damage, would have expected to las...

John67 by Visitor
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Hello  I have Asus Tuf F17 FX706HF with rtx 2050, When i start my laptop gpu is unstable, sometime gpu in power saving mode, sometime stuck at 210MhzSeriel No. R4NRCX05J046176 I purchased laptop only 2 months ago  And if gpu not going into power savi...

Zenitsu by Visitor
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Phone unlocks in pocket

Apparently the issue is already around since ZenFone 9:  https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/zenfone-9/unlocking-in-pocket/m-p/358391#M3600And it is so extremely frustrating. Not only is the phone ignoring the "Pocket mode" (I guess this is the name, my phon...

thmsnhl by Star I
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Fresh Windows install on new SSD

I'm thinking of purchasing an Asus Tuf A15, which only comes with a 512GB SSD. I plan to remove this drive and install two larger SSDs (will be running both Windows and Linux).How easy is it to do a fresh Windows install on a new SSD and have all the...

rujur6 by Visitor
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Network issues

Hi,I have a ROG 7 and having a issue with the network speed. I am playing a game which is similar to mobile legend and it lags badly. Having the same telco and speed plan, i compare with my spare iphone and the iphone have no issues and runs with no ...

Ahdodo by Visitor
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Asus service centre did fraud with me

i have ROG 5S     it goes suddenly hang in screen  after it got switched off  after that i tried to on it  but it doesn't work so i sended it to Jammu service center thay told me u have to change motherboard of ur phone so i told them change it  afte...

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