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ZenPhone 10 alarm questions

2 different questions.Is there *any* way to make the alarm stop automatically shutting off after 5 mins.AndMy alarm is on vibrate only, I've searched all through the settings on why this is like this, please, I need to turn this off ASAP, the vibrate...

RTX 4070ti

i bought ths tuf 4070ti oc edition sn R9YVCM01J976Y84 but its on the other persons account how can i register it for myself

Trev86 by Visitor
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Unregistering a product from my account

Hi there, I need to remove a device from my account I no longer own. I've gone through support multiple times but they keep sending me to other people to help. Is there a number or contact I can go to directly that can help me?

Rog 8 pro

With this 34.1420.1420.407 new update totally ruined my air triggers it becomes much worst than previous updates and my device temperature goes upto to 48°c ...I really disappointed and regret for this 1300 dollars device which is useless...Asus same...

Wi fi not startting

Hello, I have a ZenFone 8 and suddenly the wi-fi stopped. I don't know what happened. If I try to turn it on the button doesn't do anything. I have seen that there are several people with similar problem but Asus answers only in private. Do you have ...

Karcsy by Star I
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security updates

Latest available security update is 2023-11. Please update this to at least 2024 otherwise I can't use the phone for work due to compliance.

Ai wallpaper not working

Does anyone have issues where the ai wallpaper isn't generating new wallpaper?I keep regenerating and it's always stuck in the previous wall paper.I'm using the Zenfone 11 ultra.

VoLTE in Australia

ROG Phone 5S (Global)Latest Rolled Out Firmware Not RootedOccurrences Every Time I Try To Place A Call On 4g SO the ASUS and Aus VoLTE saga continues with no answers. I haven't found much hope or information that this phone will still be a phone afte...

TjRains by Star I
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