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security updates

Latest available security update is 2023-11. Please update this to at least 2024 otherwise I can't use the phone for work due to compliance.

Ai wallpaper not working

Does anyone have issues where the ai wallpaper isn't generating new wallpaper?I keep regenerating and it's always stuck in the previous wall paper.I'm using the Zenfone 11 ultra.

VoLTE in Australia

ROG Phone 5S (Global)Latest Rolled Out Firmware Not RootedOccurrences Every Time I Try To Place A Call On 4g SO the ASUS and Aus VoLTE saga continues with no answers. I haven't found much hope or information that this phone will still be a phone afte...

TjRains by Visitor
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Zenfone 11 Ultra cases - Australia

Hi,I bought a Zenfone 11 Ultra today and i've been trying to purchase an Asus/Rhinoshield case for it but i can't find anywhere to buy it.I liked the case that was on the asus website so I want that one, but bizzarely can't find a buy button anywhere...

amenfro by Visitor
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Are we getting new security patches for ROG 3

Hey @asus Are we getting any new security patches. Didn't receive any from past 6 month and its getting affected my work since they are asking for latest security patches. Help me through this and if there are any manual way do let me know. Thanks.

Fixed - grey screen on zenfone 8

My zenfone 8's screen randomly went grey, I couldn't do anything with it, including turning it off. Nothing worked, I couldn't use my phone at all!I tried a few things that I found on my laptop online, here's what actually worked for me: holding down...

lorenma by Visitor
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BIOS update for UM425IA

Hello,Zenbook UM425IA could really use a BIOS update:Fix Zenbleed: https://www.amd.com/en/resources/product-security/bulletin/amd-sb-7008.htmlFix suspend issues under Windows 11: https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/zenbook/please-provide-an-updated-chipset-d...

belegdol by Rising Star I
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Docking station with PC and laptops

Hello,I have a desktop PC (currently with a geforce 1080 and an ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard) and various laptops. (dual monitor)Now I would like to set up my workstation so that I can actually either use my desktop PC or connect to a laptop.As I...

regarding upgrades in processor or ssd

i got this vivobook flip 14 with i3 11 the gen 256GB SSD and 8GB ram ,wanted to if  it si  possible to upgrade processor or SSD or ram of my laptop further to make it faster and smoother

Randomly internet timeout Rog5s

hy guys my brother phone ( rog 5s) got randomly internet timeout when he try connected to wifi , * and its normal if using mobile data , what should i do for repair it?

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