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ZenFone 9 - after RMA still freezing camera (app)

I got the ominous camera app freeze issue and even sent it in to RMA. Written in the RMA status is "Service and testing finished". Well obviously nothing was tested, nothing was repaired. Kudos to LetMeRepair for this stellar "work".What do I do now,...

Anphex by Visitor
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Looking for earpiece replacement

Zenfone 9 earpiece stopped working a while ago. warranty is already expired so I'm looking for the part myself and haven't been able to find it. asked asus in ny country and they won't sell the part seperatly, what do I do?

TTA-VoLTE support issue

I've seen this issue on ROG Phone 6 as well, but why doesn't this device support TTA-VoLTE by default?I hope it could be added as a feature in the future... currently because of this, this device has been unusable irl in here as the only VoLTE suppor...



Rog phone 6 air triggers issue

Hello. Recently my air triggers became very inconsistent. Sometimes they doesn't detect touch or react whenever I slightly swipe finger. It's kind of frustrating. At first I thought it's due to my fingers being sweaty but then I realize that recently...

faret by Visitor
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Solution to Asus Anime Not detecting Whatsapp

Dear all,For those on 8 pro and pro Ed, if you want Whatsapp up show up on your AniMe vision as message, you will need to use automation software to push a notification to the status bar. It's not showing up because when Whatsapp comes in, it's doesn...

ZF10: Latest update causing issues?

Anyone else having issues with 34.1004.0204.128?My ZF10 updated to this about 10 days ago, the whole device has gotten slower.Apps take an extra second to load, webpages/PDFs/other docs always open 1/3 of the way down the page now, I've had issues wi...

szcad by Visitor
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Zenfone 10 Front facing camera bugs when video call

I have owned this zenfone 10 for a week and I have had multiple video calls from my friends family gf etc. but sometimes when I use the selfie camera the video glitches and shows black and purple vertical lines and sometimes when the camera struggles...

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