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Wifi 6E not available on ZenWiFi Pro ET12

Good afternoon all.I just installed my new ZenWiFi Pro ET12, and no matter what I do, I can't get any of my 6E devices to connect 6E, everything is defaulting to just 6.Even the Cell Phones that are sitting next to me, no more than 10' from the main ...

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My laptop is Asus Vivobook A509Fa when I press the power button, The laptop screen won't turn on and I've pressed the power button for a long time but it still won't turn on, is there a solution to fix it? 

mikhsan by Visitor
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Sudden Drop in Battery Capacity

I have a 2021 purchased Rog3. Over the past 15 days the battery capacity has fallen sharply from 80% to 70%. I am using AccuBattery Pro to track the battery health. Anyone else experienced similar phenomenon. Is this a genuine battery issue or someth...

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Where to go from the Zenfone 9 (Android only)

I'm looking to upgrade my phone, but I don't know if there's something better out there. Normally a Samsung like the upcoming S24 should be better in the same form factor, but it's going to be with an Exynos processor here in Europe, which usually su...

cory6 by Visitor
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No Bootloader Unlock

Only a few more weeks then it's 2024.....Asus doesn't think it's necessary to complain about the bootloader!What's up Mr. Mod Assi Mansus??? Poor performance!! Hope that no one buys your junk anymore!!ASUS made by Russian MAFIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

x2u by Star III
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asus zen phone 10 avilability in india

hi trying to purchase asus zen phone 10 in india, but you have very worst websites which dont have any information about it and dont even ghave any link to purchase it . no informative link or very worst.........hope atlese i will receive any informa...

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