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Static IP for every LAN clients

Hi. I have an Asus Zen Wifi XD5 router and I would like each device connected to the LAN to always be assigned the same IP address. How can I do this? It's about Raspberry Pi. Every time I connect them to the LAN, I would like to have the same IP add...

wjarosz by Visitor
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Motherboard and CPU that supports more than one Hyper card

Hi, I would like to use two Hyper M.2 V2 cards in a system, and I would like to know if there is a motherboard that would support a CPU that has enough lanes for using two Hyper cards in the one system.  (And supports bifurcation on two PCIe slots.)T...

ROG Phone 8 Pro and External Headset/Mic

Recently changed from ROG Phone 3 to the ROG Phone 8 Pro.  I have a Jabra headset with mic that worked when plugging it into the ROG Phone 3 USB port.  It doesn't seem to want to work with the ROG Phone 8 Pro.  Does anyone know a solution?  Thank you...

Обновления rog 8 tencent

Пожалуйста помогите! Так получилось что я обновил свой телефон rog 8 тенсент, но я это сделал не правильно, я забыл что обновления устанавливаются поочерёдно, и вместо этого с  начальной версии сразу перепрыгнул на номер версии 34.1420.1420.387 а пот...

GAMID by Star I
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microphone issue zenfone 10

Hello,During calls, my interlocutor sometimes hear my voice very low or even don't hear me at all, like if the mic was muted.It seems that the top micropone doesn't have the problem. Is it a known issue ?Here are links of logs : https://drive.google....

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