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Cameras on zenone 9 versus 10

I want to replace my LG v60 with either a Zenfone 9 or 10. According to GSMArena specs, on paper, the selfie camera on the ZenFone 9 is substantially better than the selfie camera on the Zenfone 10.However, I just watched a YouTube review that said t...

jubli24 by Visitor
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ROG 6 Purchase Advice Please

Hi All,Looked at some of the posts here (some horror stories too), but I wanted to ask for some advice. I have a Pixel 7, but am bored of it, and not sure it is worth upgrading based on the leaks of the P8.I don't really game (other than Threes!), bu...

carter5 by Visitor
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Personal opinions on ROG 3

Hello. First i wanna apologize for my english cause its not my first language. Hehe. Gonna buy my first Asus Rog 3 in a week from but i read reviews that its not good due to a lot of issues including the black crush on display. Just wanna ask you guy...

Need update file in the official website

We need an update file in ASUS website to download same as before, my phone is not receiving any FOTA so the only way to update it is to manually update, i am getting frustrated of this phone, i have missed 3 updates, please ASUS give us the update f...

Botman by Star I
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New Update

Just got a new update on all of my ROG phone 5. I want to ask the community if anybody tried it. And if yes, is it stable as it say. And does it includes latest security update ??


Vivo Book K3502Z OLED 2023 Turbo Boost?

My Intel 12700H CPU runs at only 1.2 GHz maximum while the Base frequency is 2.3 GHz how to use Turbo Boost with my laptop, this is supposed to be available but nothing is mentioned in MyAsus app.?

FrankW by Star II
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Should I wait before buying the zenfone 10 ?

I am considering to buy a new phone as my oneplus 6 is slowly dying.I watched the reviews of the zenfone 10 from MKBHD, shortcircuit and Dave2D last month and was really hyped by this phone.However, some say the cameras are a downgrade from last year...

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