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BGMI Wired Earphone Mic Not working

While  playing  BGMI with wired headphones when i turn on my mic in game to speak with teammates the game sound automatically gets lower and my teammates can't hear me(mic does not work). I have turn my mic off to get the game sound back to normal. B...

Battery drain issue

Currently im on the latest firmware (.225)  but I notice that my rog 7 ult battery %  drains from 2%-4% in the span of 12hrs idle (overnight).  When im on the previous firmware before (.217), Im able to have almost none to 1% decrease overnight same ...

R4ZE by Star II
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Just found out that AR is not supported on ROG Phone 7.

I downloaded Monster Hunter Now and was wondering why I could not take AR pictures when hunting monsters while all my friends had no issues.I thought it might be the camera permissions but that was not the case. So I searched the MH Now FAQ and found...

astuk by Visitor
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Fingerprint feature unavailable

Recently i have noticed that the finger print feature is not working i cant even see any settings of fingerprint there is only one option showing fingerprint as enabled rest the settings have been disappeared 

Poor hands-free mode quality

During hands-free mode call, the microphone quality is very poor. People on other side have hard to understand me.The issue occurs even in silent environment.

Lukikow by Star I
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Zenfone 8 won't send or receive calls

Model Name: Zenfone 8Firmware Version: 33.0210.0210.314Rooted or not: noFrequency of Occurrence: AlwaysAs far as I can tell, I'm getting the exact same issue as reported here. My text and data work perfectly fine, but I cannot send nor receive calls....

Colifin by Visitor
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Ear speaker stopped working

As for https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/zenfone-9/zenfone-9-phone-speaker-to-the-ear-stopped-working-after-update/td-p/360480My asus zenfone 9 wont me use the ear speaker. I have to turn on speaker on a call, listen whatsapp audio message with the speaker...

gianp by Star I
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