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Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ VA 49" - Dead Pixel (white)

Hello everyone,I completed exactly 1 year of purchasing the monitor, and today this Dead Pixel appeared.Has anyone experienced this problem or know of a solution?Thanks.PS: I already tried jscreenfix and it didn't solve the problem.

vithort by Visitor
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PA32UCR -K calibration of HDR section

When I trie to calibrate a HDR preset, like in the video, short before the end of the calibration, I get only a failure popup, "Während des Kalibrierungsvorgangs ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Bitte beginnen Sie noch eimal von vorn." SDR calibration fin...

"Swipe Up" on the Home Screen

Whwn I "swipe up" on the Home screen I get to view a page of buttons for all 20+ of "my" installed Apps along with buttons for Phone, Messages, Contacts, .., and a few other standards.Exactly the same bundle of Apps as is offered by the ASUS Launcher...

OLED touch - digitizer grainess, any non-touch alternative?

Hi,Is there a model of Zenbook 14 OLED, i7 13gen, 1TB, 16GB without touchscreen? I just returned mine UX3402VA-KN160W model with OLED touchscreen. Grainess of the digitizer layer is annoying and can't stand it. It's awful!I can't find any alternative...

shyha by Visitor
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Asus Zenfone 10 Firehose Programmer

Qualcomm Firehose Programmer​Download The Qualcomm Firehose Programmer is a specialized tool used to flash firmware onto Qualcomm chipsets found in various devices, including smartphones, tablets. It operates in Emergency Download (EDL) mode, a low-l...

x2u by Star III
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Security Patch!!!

verry bad support from asus (rusky mafia) no updates........old security patch from 2023/10 what a bull**bleep**!!!!!!!!!!

x2u by Star III
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Zenfone 9 OS question

Hi there, I'm thinking of getting my hands on a Zenfone 9 but I'd like to know if it has either Split Screen and/or floating windows?My current phone is really old and I'm a heavy user of multiple apps at the same time (e.g. using discord with Twitch...

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