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task bar

hello, I have a question, how can I activate the task bar from the menu, I always have the same problem, I want to drag a file, for example a psd, into Photoshop and it doesn't open like it used to on the old laptop, I have to make Photoshop small an...

Repede by Visitor
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ROG 7 Game Genie not working

Game Genie stop working after upgrade from 13 to 14 even after factory reset no luck it doesn't works.After patch update 0820.60 no improvements still facing the same issue, Geme Genie still not working.   

HDMI not detected in ubuntu 22.04

I bought laptop asus ASUS Zenbook 14 UX3405 recently and installed the ubuntu 22.04 , but the HDMI wasn't detected while it was working fine in Window 11.Does anyone know how to fix this ?

hau by Visitor
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Need New Software Update v.34.1010.0820.60

 Hi everyone, can you help me please, i have asus rog phone 7, my phone can't get new software update via system update, bacause if i press download now on the system update always say "System update failed, your devices is reverted to its original c...

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LDERA by Star II
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Rog ui update

When do we get Rog ui update for Rog 7. This feels so Old to use . It feels liking using my previous mobile Rog 5 

Performance issue

Is it normal for mobile legends and codm to have more than 60 fps ,ONLY when the device is plug in to the outlet? even in xmode  144hz (unplug) ML and CODM  caps at 60 fps, but when i plug the device to the outlet , It reaches the highest fps ML and ...

R4ZE by Star II
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Any information?

Is there any new information on these problems that came after installing Android 14? @Mattias_ASUS 

JimiK by Star I
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zenfone 10 cameras

hi guys, just got a zenfone 10, and the selfie camera is so bad, other things about the phone are nice, but the selfie camera is very bad, it doesn't look like a camera that should be on a phone that costs $650 usd , I have an s9 and I love the selfi...

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