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Unpin old forum posts

Hello moderators, could you unpin the Christmas photo and Android 14 posts in this forum? Both events are long past. 

issue android 14

 @Mattias_ASUS Several issues I encountered after updating to Android 14 are as follows:FPS Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang:While the FPS for Mobile Legends Bang Bang may have been addressed and set to 120 fps, I've experienced an issue where, during g...

ric3 by Visitor
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Cracked screen

First, sorry for my bad english grammar. So, my phone fell off my pocket while Im running. And the screen cracked (I'm using hydro gel protector) I live outside Jakarta/Bandung and to fix it a service store told me they should bring it to the Asus ce...

Sinonnn by Visitor
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Information plz?

Would it be possible to get information about whether the phone will be restored to its original state and that we can play normally again?

JimiK by Star I
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task bar

hello, I have a question, how can I activate the task bar from the menu, I always have the same problem, I want to drag a file, for example a psd, into Photoshop and it doesn't open like it used to on the old laptop, I have to make Photoshop small an...

Repede by Visitor
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ROG 7 Game Genie not working

Game Genie stop working after upgrade from 13 to 14 even after factory reset no luck it doesn't works.After patch update 0820.60 no improvements still facing the same issue, Geme Genie still not working.   

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