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Greece VPN Guide

Unlock Greece's online content securely with our comprehensive VPN guide. Find the best Greece VPN for your needs today. Protect your data and enjoy unrestricted internet access.

Overheating when I connect my phone.

My ROG phone 8 pro starts overheating when I connect it to the charger, whatever the port USB C I use it's same, it looks like if it was charging without the limited charge of 18w. 

Defalt by Star III
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Reinstall original Asus operating system

Hi there!I need to reinstall the original operating system on my ASUS X556UR. I had a faulty factory reset experience a while ago and managed to revive my laptop with a standard copy of Windows 10, but I'm hoping to restore it to the original ASUS fa...

Q425M Touchpad - right 1/2" won't tap

Brand new unit running the 155H & Arc iGPU. Everything works as intended except for this one thing:The right-hand 1/2" of the touchpad, from top to bottom, will not register a "tap". The cursor may be controlled/moved in this area so it's not a dead ...

Zenfone 10 Front facing camera bugs when video call

I have owned this zenfone 10 for a week and I have had multiple video calls from my friends family gf etc. but sometimes when I use the selfie camera the video glitches and shows black and purple vertical lines and sometimes when the camera struggles...

devrata by Visitor
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