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can I unlock the bootloader on asus rog phone 7 this year

Cannot charge L410MA

My L410MA will not charge. When the charger is connected, the battery light flashes orange. When I start up the laptop, I see OSD notifications switching between "On Battery" and "Plugged In" continuously.I just replaced the battery with a new one an...

Black sceeen

my Chromebook screen is black. I have tried all 10 steps that I found online and none of them work. The power light on the computer is lit, but the screen stays black. What should my next step be to fix this.

my SD card slot doesn't work

my asus ROG allay currupt my Sd card bought a new one to find out the SD slot is not working reading the SD card anymore. can I claim a repair or new device since im under warranty?

Asus rog 6 pro warranty

Model Name: ASUS_A12201_DFirmware Version: -Rooted or not: NOFrequency of Occurrence: -APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): -Hello i sent my phone to repair shop for warranty because i had this camera issue  when i open the app ...

SadUser by Visitor
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Do the camera lenses scratch easily?

Hey! I recently got the Zenfone 10 and I'm worried how easily the back camera might scratch with daily use (by which I don't mean falls, but generally resting on tables and such with the camera facing down). I know they sell glass protectors for the ...

densa by Visitor
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Hi,Im looking for the part number for my power adaptor for Asus DSL-AX82U Router ?I have mislaid my original charger and therefore looking for a replacement unit.  Most of the google searches relay to RT-AX82U which i believe is a different charger d...

Rog 6 android 12 firmware

Can anyone share the first release build firmware android 12 for rog 6 global version?  Please i just hate how android 13 perform on my rog 6, battery get worse and playing game sometime get spike lag 

Roywans by Visitor
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Three years on and still getting security patches

I just got another security patch (5/10/23) which would mean that this is the third year of patches. Has Asus changed its policy to three years of updates or are they just feeling generous ???Either way thanks at this rate it is worth sticking with ...

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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Asus Vivobook M1503Q Dual Monitor Setup

I'm just wondering if this model will support two external monitors via a USB-A or USB-C dock.Thanks in advance, it appears this model does not have thunderbolt USB-C so I assume it can't just connect displays natively.  

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