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ZF9 no sound in video unless

No sound in video unless the upper tray has been pulled down. As soon as the tray snaps back, the mute goes back on. Anyone experienced this? It happens to all video from any source: gallery, netflix, YouTube.

georefi by Visitor
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Resolved! Zenbook 14 OLED Camera not working, Grr!

Good morning,New purchase of the above computer and I'm very happy with it so far except for the built in camera which, although worked perfectly when I first started using it has now stopped working completely.The two "holes/lenses above the screen ...

Zenfone 10 - how to unlock in the US?

So I'm using my Zenfone 10 from Hong Kong and, because I haven't had to "unlock" a phone for international travel in years, I thought I'd be ok traveling to the US. Apparently not. I visited a Verizon store and was told that I couldn't even buy a SIM...

sakatfu by Visitor
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Prime B450M-K max memory capacity

The product site mentions 64 GB as its max capacity, but the memory QVL does not mention 2×32 GB as a possible configuration. Should I buy 2×16 GB or 2×32 GB?

Pocket mode problem even not in pocket

Problem with pocket mode in the new update 407. The pocket mode would still ON at pitch dark place. The cam lens is not cover by anything, it just a dark room.  Aside from that, the swipe sensitivity seems so weak. When I swipe up to unlock using pin...

A2R1 by Star I
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Rog phone 8 touch problem

Does anyone have weird touching sensitivity like its so inconsistent sometimes it just feels so slow and my touch also feels delayed sometimes (Especially while playing codm)

SpaceTW by Star I
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Resolved! Asus Zenbook Duo demands

Hi allThe 2024 Asus Zenbook Duo is incredible. A big thank you to the engineers.I ask for an additional feature: Please allow to disable the upper display. I sometime just make notes with my Pen so I don't need this display active.Besides I would app...

Duouser by Visitor
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