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How is your SOT on Zenfone 10?

Saw videos and reviews saying that it is "battery king" and "battery life is not bad". I am coming from the S22 which has really **bleep**ty battery life => I have to carry a power bank in case it dies after work around 6pm. I couldnt pay for taxi on...

ombai by Visitor
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120 fps in Mobile legends

hello, there is no setting in mobile legends 120 fps on my rog phone 6d. in this topic https://rog-forum.asus.com/t5/game-guides/mobile-legends-bang-bang-rog-phone-6d-game-profile/ba-p/955268 there is an ultra setting. what could be the problem?

romaxa1 by Star I
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Asus Zenfone Max M1 variants doubt

So I have an Asus Zenfone Max M1. But I have to change it's LCD as the original one is not working.But I have Doubt Regarding Variant .There are two variants of this phone Namely-ZB555KL & ZB556KL.The ZB556KL has only one camera sensor in the rear ,w...

Change primary PCI slot (PCI slot to show BIOS)

I recently bought a TUF B650-plus motherboard and I seem to be missing an option my previous motherboard had. I was able to change whether I wanted to use the first or second PCIe slot as the primary slot, is there a way to enable this in the ASUS TU...

essel by Visitor
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Zenfone Max Shot M2 screen problem

I have an Asus Max Shot M2 and it seens that it con´t work when is lay down on a table. Sometimes I just want to use it with one hand, or lean on top of a table and the screen don´t accept any input.Anyone see anything like that? I´m using Android 9 

rem45 by Visitor
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asus z87

is asus z87-deluxe/dual motherboard compatible with the asus geforce rtx 3060 phoenix v2 graphics cart? Any ideas?

Just found out that AR is not supported on ROG Phone 7.

I downloaded Monster Hunter Now and was wondering why I could not take AR pictures when hunting monsters while all my friends had no issues.I thought it might be the camera permissions but that was not the case. So I searched the MH Now FAQ and found...

weggh by Star I
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