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Zenfone 10 Fonts

New to the Zenfone family. Loving the phone but it's not without its problems asany users have pointed out. Some problems I've noticed but haven't seen mentioned here are the fonts. I've only noticed it with two different ones and not really here to ...

cgZ10 by Visitor
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gt 710-2gbd5

My graphics card is showing to be installed on pci x8 whereas it is actually a pci x16

viga by Visitor
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I tried updating my BIOS But forgot to Plug in my Charger

I forgot to plug in my charger so when I restarted the laptop it went to the bios area and showed me a warning about the power not being connected I connected it and pressed the exit button there so it just restated my laptop and did nothing I think....

Music vs noise cancelling at Zenfone 8 and Android 13.

The music can not be transmitted with WhatsApp and other messengers. The talks work very well.As soon as I start playing music the noise reduction kills the sound. It's impossible to sing and play music at the same time. No separate microphone or spe...

Splint by Visitor
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battery issue

I purchased the Nokia G11 seven months ago, and for the initial five months, its battery life was excellent. However, over time, the battery life gradually decreased, and now it charges very slowly. I would like to request assistance with this issue....

Split Screen bug - ROG Phone 7//Android 13

Hello, There are currently some bugs in the split screen feature. If you exit split screen mod "incorrectly" (details below), there will be a skeleton of the opened app(s) in the recent menu. If it is one app, it just occludes the top 10% and is not ...

pu239 by Star I
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Custom Themes

Hello. I had opened a thread https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/rog-phone-7/developing-themes-for-the-theme-store/td-p/375789 to which there was no response.I had gone through all previous customization related threads, most importantly, https://zentalk.asu...

pu239 by Star I
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