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Air triggers doesn't work properly

I had all the rog phone since day 1 and this is(rog by far have the worse air triggers, when you buy Asus rog phone it's mainly because the air triggers so Devs please do something about it!!!!!

Refael by Visitor
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Very important,after latest update TouchTriggers doesnt work as it should anymore.Switching off just by moving phone .Switching off 7-10 sec after pressing .When you do reset on them It works for few minutes and it starts again .I bought phone cuz of...

Help Needed: ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA - Android Rescue

We used Odin to flash a Samsung phone on this laptop, but funny enough Odin did not flash the phone but accidentally flashed this laptop's built-in tablet instead, wiping out the tablet's data, and perhaps also wiping the tablet system partitions.Now...

pnry by Visitor
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Bootloader unlock

Is there any way we can bombard Asus' PR and demand them to give back the ability to unlock our phones' bootloader?Like, seriously. I bought the ZF8 cheap, almost a year after its release simply because I planned to flash LineageOS once the support f...

pakerg9 by Visitor
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Zenbook Duo 2024 - Battery clip keeps getting loose!

Had my second battery problem with the clip. It keeps getting loose.Probably because of shaking/tremors etc. I ride a bike 2 times a week with my Zenbook in the backpack.Very annoying, I'm going to put a dab of hot-glue on the connector to keep it th...

b1azza by Visitor
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