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My laptop has a blue screen with the code PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREAMy laptop brand is Asus Vivobook M1403QAplease help me how to solve it

ProArt Z790-CREATOR WIFI CPU base speed

- ProArt Z790-CREATOR WIFI- BIOS 1501- i9-14900KF- CORSAIR CMH48GX5M2B7000C36 (ver. 5.53.13) = 2x24- changes to BIOS: XMP Profile 1 = DDR5 - 7000 + Turbo Mode = DisabledCPU-Z (in Win 10 22H2 x64) is reporting Performance core working at base speed 3....

spacons by Visitor
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bug "app isn't available"

Hello,in Android, there are 2 navigation modes: gesture or the 3 buttons.On the Zenfone 9, I'm encountering an annoying bug: I can't access certain recently opened applications via the "recent apps" button.The app window is visible, but when I click ...

BIOS 321. Fans became louder.

Today Windows updated the driver and at the same time installed a new BIOS 321 on my ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 18. After that, my fans became 20 percent louder when running in performance mode.I had to switch to manual mode. What will you advice me?

cundy by Visitor
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ProArt B650-CREATOR block diagram design

DearAccording to ProArt B650-CREATOR tech specs, this mobo has 2 PCIe ( Ex1 / Ex2 ) which lanes come from AMD 7000 CPU.But without Block diagram, I am not sure if the connection between Ex1/Ex2 is serial or parallel.Could you please help me with this...

Jolysoul_0-1701766593552.png Jolysoul_1-1701766704568.png

Laptop screen goes black after installing drivers.

I'm using asus tuf FX-505DT, the screen was freezing and if I forced shut it down when I booted it on the windows booted made sound but the screen was lit black. It kept happening Installed windows from pendrive, it was fine but when I started to ins...

akashn0 by Visitor
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ASUS Fix for Critical Security Flaw??

Greetings,In light of this very severe bluetooth vulnerability: https://www.androidcentral.com/apps-software/google-fixes-critical-android-zero-click-flaw that has existed in all versions of Android since 11, is ASUS going to issue a firmware update?...

nasch007 by Rising Star I
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Asus Rog 5 wifi and hotspot stopped working again

Hi Asus teamMy wifi and hotspot has stopped suddenly working again on  december 5 2023 without any update on phone, this is the second time it has happened the first time i got my motherboard replaced as it was in warranty now am facing the same issu...

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