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кулер полностью перестал реагировать с телефоном 5с и по-моему удалило программу для синхронизации 

fuf by Visitor
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Zenfone 10 interferes with the Wi-Fi signal?

In the middle of August, I got myself the ASUS Zenfone 10. It's the red EU model (AI2302). On the day I got it, my Wi-Fi started to act strange: The signal would drop, and most of the time the phone would disconnect from the network or say that it ha...

Battery drain

Battery on this phone is really wierd. If i charge to 100 it will drain quickly down till 90-80 and then stopAm i the only one with this problem?

My Recent RMA Experience

TLDR; Good -- whole experience was essentially free. Bad -- shipping debacle; l e n g t h   of entire process. Ugly -- Asus damaged my phone; inconsistent on dates and delays; installed OS is an outdated build; lost all of my data and accounts; still...

IMG_20230930_191301765_HDR.png IMG_20230930_191426611_HDR.png

Secure boot

I've wanted to be able to play Valorant with my friends however it requires secure boot, which I do not have enabled. I've went into the BIOS and looked at the secure boot setting but it wont enable. I'm using windows 11 and have the P8Z77-V LK If an...

ROG Phone 6 camera issues

Hi my phone is ROG phone 6I have an issue with the cameraEverytime I open camera app or open camera for scan barcode, it will freeze and automatically restart the phoneSometimes it need more tham 3 times to restart Any suggestion how to fix it? Maybe...

JoshuaT by Visitor
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Asus Memopad 10 Me301t Unlock bootloadera

Hello, I've been trying to unlock the bootloader of an ASUS Memopad10 Me301T, however, I get a network error whenever I try to use the unlock V8 tool. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Pabs by Visitor
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