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[For advice] ASUS XD6 Strange Disconnection Issues

I have three cases (so far) of loss of internet connectivity within a span of two weeks.The scenarios/symptoms are rather consistent - each time all the devices will lose internet connectivity some time estimated in the wee hours of the morning. Mult...

TheSoup by Star I
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RTX 4090 OC (dual hdmi 2.1a) firmware to 2.1b & DP 2.x

Hi Asus chaps,Anyone know if down the track it might be possible for firmware update to either upgrade the 3x DP 1.4a ports to 2.0 or 2.1.. or even one of the ports?Same goes for HDMI ports. Possible to upgrade one or both to 2.1b?Similar to cards in...

Android 12

I already know that it is not possible to update from Android 11 to 12 normally via the Asus website, I have already uploaded the Android 12 ZIP file, can anyone teach me how to use adb sideload?

Repair cost Rog 6 display stopped working

Model Name: rog 6 ww modelFirmware Version:latestRooted or not:notFrequency of Occurrence: everytimeMy rog 6 display stopped working, I can hear the sound when alarm rings but no display and some flashlights type things on the screen when it is touch...

Rog 5s with broken wifi. Pay for repair or get new phone?

Looking for some opinions. My wifi stopped working a while ago but I've been making it work by tethering through my pc via usb-ethernet. My warranty has been up and I've heard stories of people paying an arm and a leg for repairs that last a month on...

waxon by Visitor
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Themed icons Bug/inconsistency

The themed icons feature seems to be broken or outdated. As many apps, some which actually support themed icons, do not change icons when the feature is turned on. Apps like PayPal, Amazon and Google translate are well known to support this feature y...

1000087391.jpg 1000087393.jpg
Gtoonm by Rising Star I
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The last small flagship?

Heya!I'm about to move back to android and I'm looking for a small phone. Like many, I have been waiting for the next Zenfone only the be utterly disappointed by that chonkster Asus has brougth us.Been looking for alternatives and now I'm kinda confu...

hunnu by Visitor
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