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ZenWifi XD5 LAN port

i bought a pair of XD5 zenwifi router for my home.when i setup the main unit, i noticed that the LAN port is showing public IP adderss when i connecte my laptop.I have already connected WAN/LAN port to my telco ONT. Internet is working but LAN port s...

yeowkm by Visitor
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No updates for Rog phone 5s since 33.0210.0210.235.

Model Name: Rog phone 5sFirmware Version: 33.0210.0210.235Rooted or not: Not rootedFrequency of Occurrence: Not ApplicableIt has been a long time but Asus is not releasing any updates since last version 33.0210.0210.235. Security update is still of 0...

Rikshi by Star II
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Zenfone 11 wishlist

As the title implies i am interested in your opinions on what the zenfone 11 should get in terms of new features and/or improvements made over the zenfone 10.

firth61 by Visitor
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New product Expired Warranty

Hello. I have recently purchased an ASUS ROG GT6 Mesh system, registered the product on the website and noticed that the product warranty has already expired. How is that possible and what can I do about that?

Resolved! Always-on Panel is showing silenced notification icons

Hello,Previous topic was closed so I'm continuing here. The issue is as in the topic: the AOD shows icons for all notifications, including silent ones and multimedia ones (like Spotify). This is an issue as it should display the exact set of icons th...

Skwara by Star III
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zenfone 10 vs pixel 8

As the title says, I'm about to purchase a new phone and I am between this 2, and would like opinions on the pixel and if you can also for the zenfone.I am currently using a oneplus 6. My priorities are the screen quality and the performance. Persona...

idris51 by Visitor
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Can someone help me with drivers for Network/ASUS Routers?

Can someone help me with drivers for my Network/ASUS Routers? I don’t see the latest drivers on ASUS website for some reason, and it looks like the latest drivers were from years ago? So strange.Can you please help me? Help me by link me/send me the ...

welma by Visitor
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