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Want to buy a Curved Monitor

I have  Asus TUF A15. My system's highest resolution is 1920x1080p. Can I buy a Curved 32" or 34" Monitor with a 1440p. Will  the Monitor show the entire screen or it will show black in 2 sides. 

My prod serial already registered

I bought new Asus 14Pro in Asus store in Shanghai on 2022/06/08, but I do not recollect if I registered on the website.Now I wanna register and reports that product serial number is already registered. What do I do?

sinisas by Visitor
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Icon Bar & Navigation Button Error

my phone just had issues which is the action bar didn't showed. also the home and recent navigation didn't work ( but the back button still work ) the issues still continue , i can't installing any application in PlayStore its keep "Pending" even i h...

qael7 by Visitor
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Disabling internet connection for apps doesn't work?

I have a zenfone 10, and I have Wi-Fi and mobile connection disabled for my sudoku app because it's become riddled with ads. It sometimes actually does prevent ads from showing, but oftentimes it doesn't do anything at all, and I can even still acces...

Magic Eraser?

Do Zenfone's gallery app have any editing tools like Pixel or Samsung? Mainly like a magic eraser? This would be on the Zenfone 11

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