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Zenfone 8 bricked- desperate

Out of nowhere, my Zenfone 8 has died. Its a complete brick. It worked fine, I restarted it, checked in a few minutes later, and it showed absoluetly no signs of life. Not even a LED light flashing when plugged in, no sounds when pluigging in, doesn'...

Zenfone 10 cannot connect to android auto wireless

The most infuriating thing is that my wifes samsung galaxy s23 connects instantly. The zenfone connects to the audiosystem and to the wireless calling but keeps getting stuck on connecting to android auto. The phone is on android 14.Car model: Hyunda...

Treacon by Visitor
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Zenfone 10 Belt Case

In need of a new belt case for Zenfone 10. Anyone have a good recommendation? Most of the belt cases I've seen are rather large for the 5.9" phone.

53C in phone while in bag

My phone reaches 53C while in my bag, the camera starts to record about 2 hours. Is it bad? Also what is the ideal temperature while gaming I always reach 40C - 43C, does this damages my phone ? what should I do to check if there is damages ?

Asus Launcher update request

The Asus launcher works quite well in my Rog 8 pro. But some UI elements are outdated in comparison to any other android 14 implementations.The launcher prevents you from changing folder shape, and defaults to immersive folders whereas most other pho...

Gtoonm by Rising Star I
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Has your ZF8 died

This forum has an annoying feature of defaulting the topics to date started order, latest first, rather than the latest post, so losing topics making it hard to find a thread about the dead ZF8.As well as posting your own dead phone thread, please al...

nvubu by Rising Star I
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Slow charging Zenfone 10 to improve battery health

I just got a discount and bought ZF10, included inside was a 30W original charger. From what I read, using low-watt chargers could help decrease charging temperature and extend battery life by not stressing the battery with high amperes, while at the...

I can't use the phone as a phone

During calls my earpiece will not work, and i can't hear the person on the other side.It works well using speaker phone and both wireless and wired headphones though. Any solutions available?

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