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Bootloop after new security update.

Hye Guys, after this new update my phone stuck in infinite bootloop, tried hard reset, try formatting nothing helps. it keep on booting until at one point it shutdown by itself, btw, this is the 3rd day on bootloop. please help

ASUS MB16ACM Blinking when start the computer

Hello to the community. I'm an happy user with my Portable Monitor MB16ACM with my MacBook Pro M1 Max. After some OS latest upgrade, I noticed that every time I'm starting the Macbook the monitor start to blinking by turn itself on and off...many tim...

why i cant add more fonts?

After update system and reset my phone, i cant install more fonts anymore. Even though before this it was still ok and able to add new fonts. Is there a solution to add or install more fonts?? The font from the default system is too basic. i've tried...

Some apps Notfications are not showing.

Hello, I'm a Zenfone 10 user I have tried my best to fix the notification error.  Overall My phone shows all other notifications but not for a specific app. I have checked all the settings for that app and set a new ringtone but still, it is not work...

fingerprint less sensitive

dont know since when , fingerprint to unlock device getting difficult , change all the way of fingers also very hard to unlock (about 20times only 1 or 2 times can get unlock .) nvr have this problem before . tried delete old record & save new finger...

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