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I'm curious does this come with built in wifi or nah TUF GAMING B760M-PLUS WIFI D4 Intel B760

Cant' update Bios on TUF GAMING X570-PLUS

So it looks like there isn't a live chat for Asus support, and after the garbage that Armoury Crate is I really hoped to find one.  Well, looks like I can't update the BIOS on my  #TUF GAMING X570-PLUS since the Armoury crate shows a "Uknown error wi...

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Bug super clean with clean all

Zenfone 8.WW.33.0210.0210.210not rootedAlwaysMobile manager, v I enable super clean with "clean all" button, the phone become inestable, need to wait like 5 mins, because each time I open an application after it load it will clos...

Poor to 802.11k/v management

I have a mult-AP setup (tplink Omada) at home, which works flawlessly. For everything but my zenfone. For some reason, when moving about at home, instead of handing off gracefully, instead I lose signal for 5-10s, then go on data, then another 5-10s,...

Fingerprint Reader Issues ZF9

Bought a Zenfone 9 and have had it for about a month now. Recently started having issues with the fingerprint reader. No recent software updates so I'm unsure if it's software or hardware at fault here.First of all, the issue is extremely intermitten...

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