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Huawei watch on zenfone 10

So I will be buying a zenfone 10 any day now and right now have a huawei phone and watch which works well, I also have experience with xiaomi and apple working well, samsung works. Does anyone use or have a way of testing the compatibility with their...

Block suggestion to charge at specific time

I have a US Zenphone 9.How can I block Asus's insesent suggestion to only charge during certain times?I live offgrid on solar, so it doesn't matter when I charge for power costs. If anything, it should be telling me to only charge during sunny days. ...

abanam1 by Visitor
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TUF B450-PLUS GAMING Curve Optimizer!

I bought new AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D and i want use Curve Optimizer which is not supported right now on TUF B450-PLUS GAMING, is it going to be added on next updates or not?, and Thank you.

Broken digitizer panel

My daughter has an MB249C to use when traveling as it is required due to low vision.  It got broken in transit. It is not visible when looking at the exterior but definitely is broken. Can it be repaired for a reasonable cost or can I order a replace...

BillL1 by Visitor
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Disappointmwnt with Rog Phone 8 Pro

Hello! I'm really disappointed with my Rog Phone 8 Pro. I've already submitted on this forum multiple issues, regarding games, nfc. Now none of those issues were resolved, nfc works only with phone case which makes this phone massive and recently asu...

DanteDT by Star II
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RAID0 problem

Hi guys! Got studiobook w700 g2t. It has two 500gb disks in raid0. want to install two 1Tb disks (samsung 990evo), but BIOS detects only one of them and can not make raid0

ZenBook 15 faulty 3.5 mm jack?

I bought a ZenBook 15 UM3504DA-MA444W. It seems like a good model, except for having an OLED screen. Not going to lie, I bought it because it looks beautiful.To my surprise, when I tried it, my wired headphones didn't fit in the jack. They go in all ...

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