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Calling issues since 5g availability

Hey team,Since 5g is available in my area I'm able to take advantage of it but the issue is with the calling feature, there is this feature on the device called 4g calling which uses 4g data for calling. now when the device is connected to 5g  I won'...

Screen replacement available in France ?

I have dropped my brand new zenfone 9 and broke the screen. I brought it to the reseller for repair, they say they send it to an authorized Asus service shop. It's been 6 weeks with no news now. I see on the web that it is possible to find the part n...

fx505DU ram upgrade

I want to put another 8gb of ram in my laptop. I can see that the one it came with is a samsung one that runs on 2666mhz (I used CPU-Z to see that) but in task manager it appears as 2400mhz , and I dont know if I should get a 2666mhz one or a 2400mhz...

Consistently enhance the performance in you

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Resolved! Hi

Please update jio5g available 


I got problem with my back camera. When i open the camera . It goes blank and lagging. 

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