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PN64 Black screen

The story:PART 1. I asked asus support but it's too longI bought pn64 mini pc less than a week ago, it's brand new.Sometimes a black screen turns on and artifacts flicker. Ctrl+alt+delete or ctrl+alt+shift+b didn't help. I heared increasing noise dur...

tard by Visitor
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The camera takes too long to start up

Asus zenfone 5z, android 10, not rooted,The camera takes too long to start after about 4-5 seconds. In messenger apps, WhatsApp the same. It used to work fast before ( under 1sec). Factory reset didn't help. All apps updated. Anyone had a similar pro...

Zenfone 9 Speaker is not working in call

Hello everyone,Model Name: ZenFone 9Firmware Version: 3.0404.2060.113Rooted or not: NotFrequency of Occurrence: Regular (This problem started a few weeks back. Despite being preoccupied with personal matters, I managed to conduct some investigations,...

saaiful by Visitor
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Missed Opportunity Zenfone 9

I have been looking for a phone that I can retire as a portable workstation to get some extra mileage out of it after I’m done wasting its potential by exclusively watching YouTube videos on an $800+ device. The Zenfone 9 16/256 with a Snapdragon 8+ ...

Nameli by Visitor
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