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After update to A13, dimming bug

After I update to A13, these is dimming bug. It happens only after call (nearly 50-50%) screen dims to very low - even hard to see. After restart it comes to normal. Please fix it Asus, seems it is software bug. 

modval by Star II
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Rog Phone 5 Wi-Fi ping issues

Hello guys,I work with Android APP's development, and my last work was with latency reduction.I tried ICMP pings to a lot of destinations, TCP pings and also TCP stablished connection, and the spikes keeps happening.After days trying to find the issu...

No sound after bluetooth disconnection

When the phone is connected via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth Device and the Bluetooth Device is turn off  no audio or sound can be heard from the phone, the phone doesn't change to the speaker automatically and I have to turn off the Bluetooth on my ph...

berto35 by Star III
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Adding AiMesh to an RT-AC5300

I have an RT-AC5300 and am considering adding to it to create an AiMesh system. I know this is an old model, now, so I'm not sure if it is worth adding newer models as nodes, get a new router as the main and use the AC5300 as a node or if I should ju...

Rog Phone 5/5s default phone case

Hi there,Is there any way to obtain the original included phone case for the ROG phone 5 series? My case has now cracked in a corner from drops and no longer stays in place securely. I've searched the internet and couldn't find anything about it unfo...

Glypse by Visitor
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Bluetooth codec issue

1. Model name: Rog phone 62. Firmware version: 32.2810.2212.241-03. Rooted or not: NO4. Frequency or Occurrence: -5. App name: Campfire audio Based on aptx.com Rog phone 6 support aptx, aptx HD and aptx adaptive. Campfire audio recently came out a ne...

kk1228 by Visitor
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Jio 5g support

Jio 5G is not till supported by asus z8 on india.It is not connecting to 5g although i enabled 5g on setting.please give an update to support the bands.

Owner by Visitor
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Sim-card ICCID "Not available" in settings

So i need to register my sim-card in a day or two because of a new law in sweden. If i fail to do this the card will be locked. Im in need of the ICCID on my sim-card, but the physical code on the sim-card is very un-readable due to wear and tear. Ho...

Biggie by Star II
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Resolved! Zenfone 9 screen rotation lag

Hello,Does anyone else have issues with the screen rotation? Especially in YouTube....sometimes it works just fine, sometimes it takes for even maybe 3 seconds to auto rotate the screen, it's totally random. 

DearAn by Star I
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