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Konto löschen

Ich möchte mein ASUS Konto löschen. Ich bitte euch um Anleitung, Danke.

White noise during aux for Sony CH720N

I tried on the headphones "CH720N" and when playing music, there's constant white noise when the volume between 1-60, as soon as I put it between on higher frequencies the white noise disappears, Pretty sure this is not a aux port issue as other earp...

air triggers not working

i have my rog phone 5s air triggers not working, at first after booting up the phone it was working, after for like 3 minutes it stopped working mid testing. i already update the software to the latestplease help!!!

Asus PG32UCDM availability in India

Any confirmation on the launch date of the PG32UCDM gaming monitor in India? I contacted the Asus customer support, and they had no clue about this product or the availability of it. 

Screen light

My screen has always kept dimming up and down even if my adaptive settings are all off. Sitting in the sun require highest light to be able to see anything so then I can't have it dimming low and high. I want to lock it to whatever value I've set it ...

Screenshot_20240518-092029_Settings (1).jpg
DeMoNeN by Star III
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Spotify only working while VPN is on

So I got my hands on a ROG Phone and tried to use Spotify at work using Mobile Data. When I tried to play music, it wouldn't load at all, giving me the message "Something went wrong. Have another go?"I tried a few things and as soon as I turned on Cl...

Zenbook Duo UX8406 MA

I want to purchase the Zenbook Duo UX8406 MA 16 GB/1TB, 1 unit. I have try to look for it, but they said it is sold out.Please inform me where to buy (ready stock). Preferably if I can buy in here or at any of your official store.Thank you,Cynthia

Weird bug

So lately I’ve been noticing that in the evening around 8 or 9pm my Z10 starts to lock up. Screen freeze and other weird stuff.  Rarely does it during the day but only after dark. A quick toggle of the power button will fix it but it will do it again...

cbreze by Star III
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540hz Overclock Crashing

Hey, I just got my hands on the 540hz Asus monitor, and every time I go to overclock, my pc crashes, and upon restart, the monitor can only go to 240hz?When it is not overclocked, it goes to 500hz just fine, however I'm trying to get the full refresh...

resler by Visitor
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