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12 days of tech-mass fake giveaway

Hey does anyone know if they have actually contacted anyone for this "giveaway"  it was ran in Dec 2023 it's now April 2024 and still no word of any winners or anything.I tried contacting Asus rog UK Instagram and they have been leaving my messages o...

Akourou by Visitor
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PA32DC self calibration grey

I am unable to select self calibration on my PA32DC. My firmware is showing B00T00.I can't upgrade my firmware. I have downloaded the firmware update to my Mac, and I can put it onto a Flash drive. Which 2 buttons do I press to initiate firmware upda...

asus tuf f15 FX506HF

WIfi option disappear while using i have to restart my laptop to get reappeared again i bought this in feb, i've checked updates have kept drivers updated too. Don't know why is this happening someone knows mention it fast af... #https://www.asus.com...

ZenFone 10 Charger Replacement

Hi all, appear to have lost the rather decent ZenFone 10 charger from the box and my other USB-Cs are noticeably slower. Seeing as Asus don't seem to sell chargers in my home country can anyone suggest any replacements? Do I just need a 30w brick or ...

haramny by Visitor
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the phone started to heat up even more in the last two days!!! discharges twice as fast as usual! do you want to burn the processor or burn the memory? ASUS what are you trying to achieve?

c9Ba by Star I
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Cpu is draining my battery?

I dont know what happened but the first week my phone lasted me the whole day. But now something changed and my phone runs hot all the time idle at 36° I think this is what is draining my battery. If i had to guess it would be that the cpu is running...


I'm just watching YouTube! how to understand this????

c9Ba by Star I
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