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Screen not responsive

Hi All , I have my Zenfone since August after only 2 months the back of the phone started to turn black (I bought the blue version) did it happen to anyone? I contacted the customer service that advice me to use the cover that comes with the phone Ei...

Vivobook 15 X513 (X513EAN.302) Throttling 23%

Hello! I bought a new ASUS Vivobook 15 X513 at January 13, 2023.On cinebench Benchmark, AIDA64 stability test and even on day use the notebook is Throttling a lot. ASUS support in Brazil do not know how to fix it. Throttling means that the notebook i...

Docking Station for VivoBook 15 F1502ZA?

Looking at the VivoBook 15 F1502ZA, and was wondering if I can use a docking station with this?It has a traditional power cord, and most docks seem to use USB-C as the connector.

Monty12 by Visitor
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WiFi Calling/VoLTE in Poland(Play)/Europe/Elsewhere

Hi. I got a question to the Asus team. Are you guys doing anything to fix the situation that we can't use WiFi Calling/VoLTE?I'm generally happy with the phone. I hope my next phone will be Asus too, but lack of Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE can be more pr...

adrkli by Star III
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Rog 2 getting switch while playing game

Rog 2 is getting switch off again and again whenever i play game and it's been a Little more than 2 years... What is the point of paying this much money this **bleep**... I know there is no solution but still asking

EliShan by Visitor
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Photo level indicator bit off

Hello,i am new zenfone 9 user and i like almost everything in this phone but there is one thing that annoys me - level guide line in photo app. I don't know if it is software or hardware related but when i put my phone on flat surface yellow cross is...

Camera issue rog3

Cann someone tell me the exact price of rog3 back camera setup main 64mp+13 mp camera??? 

ULTR0N by Visitor
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UI suggestions

Many thanks for the ability to roll back to small quick tiles in A13. But I have two more suggestions that'd make UI better:add "disable clipboard overlay" option, akin to "screenshot toolbar" option in settings, that'd disable the following new A13 ...

DeferYr by Star II
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