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About Zenfone 7

Does the Zenfone 7 support HD photography and allow photo editing using the Remini APK file?I am using the Remini mod APK file for photo editing. Does my device support APK files for editing.

jammes by Visitor
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Collection of bug

Hello everyone, could you please share your thoughts here on the bugs you have encountered while using Android 14? Honestly, there are still many bugs in Android 14. For example, the notification LED sometimes doesn't light up when a message comes in...

ric3 by Rising Star I
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Asus rog phone 8 pro charge problem

My phone doesn't charge from the main port the last two days , sometimes it connects and disconnects again ,i used the side one its better but with disconnecting problems too at least i can charge my phone , any suggestions?

Zenfone 3 serial number already registered!

Hello, is it possible to register an old Zenfone 3 Z017D bought from a 2nd hand shop since when I try I receive here a message that 'the serial number is already registered'? I am curious how old it may be and when expired its warranty. Besides I wan...

soryn by Star II
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About Zenfone 9

Does the Zenfone 9 have any compatibility issues with the old version of CapCut?

jammes by Visitor
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Suggestion and plans for the next update

Hello,I am just wondering about the plans for improving the UI in the next update.I hope the following will be fixed/improved on the phone's UX side. The below are very simple to add yet very critical to consider. This is a high-end gaming phone, so ...

X670e TUF Plus WiFi Q-LED question

Hello, I recently bought the ASUS TUF X670e motherboard. Every time I boot the system motherboard shows every of 4 QLEDs in sequence one after another. Each of those lights is on for about second or two.Is this normal behavior? Is this some kind of t...

kazank by Visitor
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Hi guys. I dunno what else to do. Before this my Rog 5 is fine whether mono setting is on or off. The sound in Mobile Legends is okay. But unfortunately for my Rog 8 it doesn't sound well. The both of speaker is fine but it does not ok when I open th...

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