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Cpu is draining my battery?

I dont know what happened but the first week my phone lasted me the whole day. But now something changed and my phone runs hot all the time idle at 36° I think this is what is draining my battery. If i had to guess it would be that the cpu is running...


I'm just watching YouTube! how to understand this????

c9Ba by Star I
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Asus ZenFone 11 Ultra

I'm interested in the 11 Ultra but wanted hear other people's opinions for performance, os and battery life. I don't trust most reviewers nowadays so I'd take the communities voice instead on it

headeda by Visitor
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Zenfone Max Pro M1 soft bricked overnight

Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00TD) with latest firmware, not rootedThis night, my almost 5 years old Zenfone soft bricked over night. It worked as usual in the evening and was left on a charger, but in the morning it turned off and cannot boot anymore.I've t...

apxyz by Visitor
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USB 3.0 Internal Expansion card for ROG STRIX Z790-a

Hello I'm looking for a way to add 2 USB 3.2 internal connections (20pin) to my Asus ROG Strix z790-a. My case (Corsair 7000d) supports 4 (2x2) Usb 3.2 ports + USB C, but the motherboard only supplies one 20pin connector for 2 USB 3.2 and one for USB...

Asus U5 no sound from games - ONLY!

Hi guys just bought this USB soundcard and I'm using it with 2.0 speakers analog, everything works just fine except in games! No sound ONLY during many games with USB 2.0 mode enabled!If I set it to USB 1.0 mode it works, but can't use Sonic Studio a...

yurieu by Star I
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Unable to redeem asus premium care coupon

I have received an ASUS premium care coupon for extended warranty but as I try to use it it says in invalid. Also while trying the same process through web it asks for contract code for VIP and password. Not sure how to get it. I am attaching here th...

ishajha by Visitor
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Can't download BIOS files for my MOBO

Going to the official website of my "TUF GAMING B550-PLUS WIFI II" , the bios download page doesn't work anymore ,it just goes blank and the tab for the drivers disappear ,tried on diff ips and devices same thing, please fix

Paid themes

Hi Team,Recently I did factory reset on my ROG5S when I try to apply my previous purchased themes it ask me to pay for theme, I can only see the Asphalt theme download but othere themes which I purchased like Mechanic chrome and cyber fantasy by pixe...

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