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ROG 5S WiFi and Hotspot does not switch on

It has been 1 year and 4 months since I have purchased my ROG 5S. Ever since I updated my device to Android 13, I have faced a lot of UI issues. Sometimes the System UI will crash and the device will randomly reboot itself. 2 weeks ago, the device re...

Goku_5S by Visitor
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Questions about Zenfone 9

I want this cellphone, however additionally i want a Iphone 13 mini, I truly respect compact telephones, i used to be the usage of a Samsung A52 and went lower back to Pixel 3, wich i love for being faster and the digicam is high-quality, but battery...

ROG 6 Advanced tuning settings for Cod mobile

I want to make sure my phone is running codm at 120 perfectly and it’s maximum and so far i’ve been just using x mode but i’ve saw that advanced tuning you can change anything you want. Does anyone have a scenario profile for it or at least can tell ...

TehDarK by Visitor
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on which side do you put your zenfone dowm

Hey, I am happy owner of a ZF10 and I am facing some doubts on how to put it down, on a table, nightstand, etc. With previous phones I'd always have the screen upwards but with ZF10 the camera bump is significant. I also don't feel comfortable puttin...

tryol0 by Visitor
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Advice needed: Zenfone 7 €500 vs Zenfone 8 €580

I am currently in the process of buying a new phone after almost 4 years with my LG V20. I owned an Asus phone in the past (Zenfone 3) and would like my next phone to be a Zenfone again. I am attracted to the 8 because of its form factor and display ...

Please I need help with my laptop

I had an accident in Colombia that left me paraplegic, I returned to my country Venezuela because I couldn't get a job in my condition. I decided to buy an ASUS laptop to help me and be able to work from bed, this laptop was sent from the USA and pur...

Rangel by Visitor
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Missing drivers, missing keyboard backlight.

I updated my bios from fx517zc.315 to 318 upon reboot my keyboard backlight went out and i pretty sure it’s because of the system control interface v3 driver. But no matter what i do. Update rollback uninstall and reinstall it seems to never be recog...

Dissatisfied with my Zenfone 8 and Support

So I posted the following issue...https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/zenfone-8/headset-call-answering-issues/td-p/371706and reply promptly, I get no response back and then the bot closes the thread due to inactivity.Well ignoring the issue hasn't resolved t...

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