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Zenfone: stop programmed obsolescence!

Now that Samsung and Google have officially announced long term support for their latest phone series (7 Android major updates!), I'd like to encourage Asus to do the same for the fantastic Zenfone series.Otherwise, I won't hesitate to switch back to...

Enofnez by Star I
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Prime h410m-e doesn't start with RTX4070

Hi, After upgrading to the new graphics card RTX4070 from Asus the PC doesn't start. Without the graphics card inserted it starts OK. It works with the old graphics card 2030.When I enable the CSM Support the PC starts. Windows detects the RTX4070 (i...

Dollop by Visitor
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6 USB ports, please

Hello.I can't find any models in your laptop lines with 6 USB ports, Lenovo has them on a few models, and I would like to see you increase the number of USB ports to 6 on your laptops as well.I think 4 USB ports are too few, as we need a lot of exter...

ROG 6 is it compatible using 5g sim card

I now using 4g sim card am I am planing to upgrade 4g sim to 5g sim but don't know is it compatible with ROG6 phone .. anyone know can I use 5g sim on ROG6 phone?

LqS by Star II
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RAM full

RAM is 96% used without background app. If I play game exits sometimes. And also background apps and games closes. Even if I put a game on background mode it closes within seconds. 

Log Tool having Bug

Hi guys,Now about the next bug that I got today itself after the network issue that I mentioned in the previous post a few minutes ago.After just opening Codm for 5 minutes I closed my phone and when I unlocked it again the triggers were still workin...

Saurav_7 by Rising Star I
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