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Rog 7 only 90 FPS Pubg Mobile

I have the Rog 7 Tencent Global ROM. Installed the latest version of update 76. in the game pubg mobile appeared 120 fps . but my Rog does not see 120. only 90.I have tried all options, uninstall the game, reboot the phone, game support can not help ...

Screenshot_20240516-113924_PUBG_MOBILE.jpg Screenshot_20240516-113936_PUBG_MOBILE.jpg Screenshot_20240518-203608_PUBG_MOBILE.jpg

my Rog 6 phone smell

i buy a brand new Rog Phone 6in 30/12/23 but it smell weird  from all usb c port and jack audio when i first unboxing it until now but the performance is good i dunno why does anybody have the same problem

Flickering and weird line in games on new graphics driver

I updated my GPU to the latest update version from intel driver and support assistant according to the instructions you gave me . My previous driver was updated two years ago. When I launched the game with the previous driver . It asked for driver up...

Afzal36 by Star I
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Batery draining

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the battery draining on my phone, I'm sending screenshots below, what can I do about this?

1000019213.jpg 1000019215.jpg 1000019214.jpg 1000019213.jpg

Konto löschen

Ich möchte mein ASUS Konto löschen. Ich bitte euch um Anleitung, Danke.

White noise during aux for Sony CH720N

I tried on the headphones "CH720N" and when playing music, there's constant white noise when the volume between 1-60, as soon as I put it between on higher frequencies the white noise disappears, Pretty sure this is not a aux port issue as other earp...

air triggers not working

i have my rog phone 5s air triggers not working, at first after booting up the phone it was working, after for like 3 minutes it stopped working mid testing. i already update the software to the latestplease help!!!

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