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microphone issue zenfone 10

Hello,During calls, my interlocutor sometimes hear my voice very low or even don't hear me at all, like if the mic was muted.It seems that the top micropone doesn't have the problem. Is it a known issue ?Here are links of logs : https://drive.google....

True wireless speednova

hello i have asus rog 7 now i bought asus true wireless speednow center and the doggle does not work in the side port when the rog 7 fan is connected nor the rog 6 fan the doggle does not. work when fan is connected doggle works only in bottom usbc n...

jirk223 by Rising Star I
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how to turn off update notification ? #3

decided to make new thread cause for some reason @Mattias_ASUS  doesn't want to reply anymore on the previous thread here https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/rog-phone-7/how-to-turn-off-update-notification/td-p/433772turned out need more thread in case he mi...

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snowdance by Rising Star II
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Unlock bootloader

Asus please release the Goddamn unlock tool. We own your phones, it seems the company owns us. Release unlock tool for christ sake. What have the community done wrong. Why treat your customers like this. You got the resources everything. Why punish y...

RAM upgrade X571GT I5 8300H

Please guide ho to upgrade RAM for X571GT, what's the max RAM recommend and type of RAMAt this time I have 8 GB of RAM, what kind of RAM should I install and is it possible to install an additional 16 GB to the 8 already available?Thanks

Tar1k by Visitor
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ROG 6 stabilization flicker

using stock camera app, not rootedwhen taking video with any framerate, any resolution without stabilization, no issues.but when i turn on video stabilization, semi-colored vertical strips/flicker appear occasionally.i thout it was because of fluores...

jwijaya by Visitor
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Intel Arc Model

What is the exact model of Intel® Arc™ Graphics in ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED UX3405MA-PZ396W Laptop coming with this specs:Processor: Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 Processor 185H 2.3 GHz (24MB Cache, up to 5.1 GHz, 16 cores, 22 Threads); Intel® AI Boost NPUOperati...

rafnow by Visitor
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