Improving touchpad edge move

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Vivobook S15

The touchpad is real huge. For the finger to reach from bottom edge to top edge, or from left edge to right edge requires my palm to be physically lifted and displaced in order to continue moving the touching finger. In other words, it is not possible to rest the palm, and then operate the whole touchpad from edge to edge by just moving the finger.

When I am dragging an item (ie double tap and move), the large pad means I am able to drag the item to where I want it to go more of the time (on a FHD display). But large 4K display real estate means that this cannot be achieved often as the area to drag over is now so much bigger.

Is it possible to modify the touchpad driver to trigger edge detection once the finger moves beyond a 4cmx4cm area from where the drag is initiated? This will allow the user to control the whole desktop without ever having to lift the palm at all. This will give real tight control over the operation of the touchpad.

Thank you for your attention.

PS: Come to think of it, the large touchpad is not a smart idea. It seems to be just an Apple fad.

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