Zenfone 2 ZE551ML memory log fix

magisterflaviusmagisterflavius Level 1
已編輯 3月 5 日 粉絲哈拉

Hello everyone!

I'm still an happy Zenfone 2 user, searching for the memory-going-away problem that this phone has since years and lot of people fought against it.

Today I'm discovering about a temporary fix that a mod did some years ago, for my ZE551ML. It shoud have been at this link but... the page exist no more: https://zentalk.asus.com/zh/tw/forum.php?mod=attachment&aid=MjA5NTQ4fDJhNTcyMTNifDE0NTc2OTY1NTh8MjIwNjN8MTMwNjA0

Anyone can send me this appfix, can be recovered in some way?

The problem was about System Data taking lot of memory space day by day (now in my Zenfone is more than 22Gb). I tried with *#9900# code to clear System dump but it's not working on Asus phones. Then I knew about this very common bug that creates log files and doesn't cancel them, so they occupy lot of memory. Then I've found that link on an italian forum and knew that lot of people found this fix very useful!

Thans for your help.